Shopping list for New Born Baby

New Born Baby Products

Shopping for your new born is one thing that you as a parent must have dreamt of for past nine months. I will buy this dress of this color and will buy soft cozy bed etc. such things must have crossed your mind often and now when you are holding your little one in your arm, you want to transpire all the shopping list for him/her in one go.

If you are organized first, it will help you prepare well for your baby’s arrival. There are however some parents who delay the shopping till they found out the gender of the baby so that they can choose clothes and colors accordingly. So, if you feel the same, just buy some clothes of unisex colors for first few weeks, so that you have something ready for your baby when he/she arrives.

Before shopping for new born, weather conditions need to be considered so that baby’s essentials can be arranged in sync with the season, so that your little one is comfortable.

Here is the shopping list of your baby’s essentials for every season:

  1. Nappies: Nappies of the new born babies are to be changed nearly 10–12 times a day. So, it is advisable to buy enough nappies for at least first few weeks. In case you plan to use cotton or cloth nappies, still it is good to have at least one packer of disposable nappies in case you want to go for doctor’s visit with your baby or cloth nappies have not dried in time. In case your elders advise to sew nappies for you, go for soft and absorbent cotton material. There are ready made cotton nappies available in the market. See that you wash and iron the cloth nappies before using them on your baby as ironing kills extra germs that linger on the clean cloth.
Baby wipes

2. Baby wipes: Wipes are required for cleaning your baby’s bump during nappy change. Most of the moms prefer to wash the area with water and wipe it with cotton cloth but wipes can come in handy during the night or when you are out of your house.

Changing cloth

3. Changing cloth: Protective plastic sheet or changing mat, which can be placed in the bed when needed, is required so that your baby is kept hygiene and the dirt and dust of the bed cover does not harm him/her.

Pair or cotton socks

4. Pair or cotton socks or hats: Socks and hats are useful for all seasons and especially they are needed during winter and cool climate. They are a must in shopping list for new born as they new born do not regulate their body temperature well so, it is best to cover their hands and feet. Even in summers they are to be used to protect the baby from cool air of coolers and air conditioners.

5. Cotton gloves: New born have long nails and these gloves will prevent your little one from scratching.

Small bibs

6. Small bibs: Babies often bring up milk while burping and the bibs will protect the clothes of baby getting wet and the bibs can be easily changed very often.

Small hand towels

7. Small hand towels or napkins: You must burp your baby every time you feed him/her and will often spit out little milk as well. Cotton napkins or towels can be placed on your shoulder as you burp your baby so that your clothes do not get wet or dirty. Also, these cotton towels can be used to clean your baby.

antiseptic liquid

8. Baby washing powder and antiseptic liquid: As new born have delicate skin, mild washing powder is to be used to wash the clothes. After washing dip the clothes in antiseptic liquid so that any germs if persistent are killed.

plastic sheets

9. Sheets: Keep 4 to 5 sheets as the bed of the baby may get wet because of urine or burping so it is better to place these plastic sheets on the bed and then place the bed of the baby above these sheets so that your bed does not get spoilt or wet.

10. Wrap around blankets: After being nine months in the womb, baby likes to be swaddled and bundled up. Lighter blankets in hot weather and warmer ones in cold weather can be used as wrap around for your baby.

11. Toiletries: You will need soft comb, small baby nail cutter, baby shampoo and soap, massage oil, nappy rash cream, body lotion, talcum powder and separate bath towel.


12. Bottles: In case you are planning to bottle feed your baby, you may require four to six bottles and brush to clean them. The bottles can be sterilized in boiling water or in steam sterilizer.

13. Baby bag: Baby bag help to move out with the baby. It has separate sections for keeping nappies, clean clothes, wipes, tissue paper and medicines.

Mosquito net

14. Mosquito net: If mosquitoes are threat in your area, buy a cot mosquito net to protect your baby from mosquito bites.

15. Prams: They are useful if you are going out with your baby in malls, travelling or even at times to soothe the crying baby.

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