Day # 17 into learning Ruby on Rails

I’ll cut to the chase here and discuss the learnings first and then highlight how these sections were learned.

  • Make sure you have a few (atleast three) sources of learning. If you’re studying from a book, make sure you get the best three Ruby on Rails books and go through them simultaneously. Why? Described below.
  • Fully master Github, even before starting to program your first practice app.
  • Prepared to be disappointed by- outdated codes in books/online tutorials, incorrect/outdated gem installation and implementation instructions, frustration of not finding a solution through internet search etc.

More than one learning resources

I’m a big fan of online video tutorials. Often times I’d come across scenarios where after completing 20–30% of the tutorial, I found that the tutorial started taking a different direction (e.g. not explaining the steps properly). I would then move to another tutorial where that section is better explained. Trust me, this helps a lot. Rather than being frustrated and repeat-watching the 5:00 minute tutorial video again and again, get a second opinion from another tutorial.

Fully master Github

As a general idea, every time I’d see that I got my code too complex and it’s not showing the desired output, I would delete the whole Github repo, delete the rails app from my computer and start over again. This is not the best practice. We should just get a particular ‘commit’ from the Github and try the additional new code again. I overlooked this factor when starting out to program. Please, do yourself a favour to stay our of more stress of wrong coding and knowing nothing to do to master Github. My suggestion is to try this free course-

Prepare to be disappointed

There is no other way to put it. You’ll come across a number of wrong gem installation instructions. You would feel like your compiler Sublime Text does not want to listen to you. You’ll (almost) be proven that you can’t code and programming isn’t meant for you. I whole heartedly feel you and remember nights when I went to bed disappointed with a grudge in my heart.

However, don’t lose hope. You are amongst the thousands and millions who went through the same frustrating process. Please move on. Seek help. Search of answers and solutions, and you shall find them!

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