How BACE API helps businesses to fight against COVID-19?

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5 min readMar 18, 2020


For the past few weeks, we have all been on alert. In December 2019, an unknown virus from the coronavirus family appeared in central China. And since then drastic quarantine and disinfection measures have been put in place. Unfortunately, the virus is now spreading all over the world paralyzing entire countries, causing psychosis and shaking the world economy.

COVID-19 is a virus that spreads through contact of the hands with infected surfaces and then with the mouth, nose or eyes. Depending on temperatures and humidity, the virus can survive for a few hours or even a few days on various surfaces if they are not disinfected.

At a press conference with Lothar Wheeler, the president of the German Institute Robert Koch — the institution responsible for disease control, said “the pandemic is developing in waves. This is what we know for sure. But how fast are these waves going? And when will this pandemic infect 60 to 70% of the world’s population? It can last for years. We are going over two years ”.

Could the Covid-19 pandemic last two years? Scary? Yes, when we know that we live in an ecosystem, where we are constantly in contact with objects and humans.

Today, states have decided to close public places, schools, airports, and even borders to prevent the virus from spreading further. In response to this pandemic, people are adhering to a strict mode of hygiene to protect their health and to avoid displacement. What about businesses? Will they accept to end their operations or will they opt for solutions that do not require physical contact?

In the past few days, a call for ideas and proposals in combating this pandemic has been sent to companies, developers, startups, and players in the tech ecosystem. In this article, we focused on the use of facial recognition, highlighting the use cases of BACE API as an effective solution for businesses to run their online services, financial services, and secure travel operations.

The BACE API is a piece of software that uses facial recognition powered by artificial intelligence, which allows various companies to remotely verify the identity of their customers while providing access to their services. Facial recognition, which is part of biometric technologies, makes it possible to recognize a person with precision. The facial recognition process collects points on the face that are measured to create a digital code called a faceprint, which represents the face in a database.

Use cases of BACE API in combating Covid-19

Banks and mobile money: The financial landscape has experienced various fraudulent practices that have left most companies with no choice but to be strict about KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance. Customer due diligence is therefore relevant in ensuring that financial institutions comply with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, to provide them with the products or services requested to protect against fraud, including usurpation and identity fraud. To avoid further spread of Covid-19, we are being asked to remain within the confinement of our homes and avoid unnecessary movements.

  • How can we open remote bank accounts?
  • How can we create a mobile money account remotely?

These questions are very much relevant in this current situation caused by Covid-19. The good news is that we provide effective and relevant solutions using the BACE API. When implemented, BACE API allows financial institutions and telecommunication companies to receive and validate customer’s documents online. Then verify customers’ identities in real-time via a simple selfie.

ATM and cash withdrawals: Covid-19 could create a financial crisis. While few ATMs are still functional, others have been closed to avoid increasing the risk of infecting others when touching the machine during withdrawals. People who are becoming more worried about the shortage of cash, should not delay in making large cash withdrawals.

A reliable facial recognition software can be adopted as an alternative to validate one’s identity before withdrawing money from any ATM. For instance, ATM’s can simply integrate with BACE API to facilitate cash withdrawals without exposing customers to any risk of infection while creating a climate of trust during withdrawals.

To implement this, the companies should install a camera and allow the customer to make a withdrawal request via their smartphone, then validate the withdrawal using their face and collect their cash from the ATM. A process that looks complex but would make withdrawing money simple and secure.

Security and airports: The most common means of biometric verification is fingerprints. However, the prevention of Covid-19, which requires non-contact with objects, has forced companies to close their doors or deactivate access control within their companies. Too bad for businesses that expose their employees and services to insecurity risks (theft, assault, identity theft, etc…). In place of fingerprint, it would be wise to use facial recognition which does not require any physical contact with the camera. A few months ago, the media announced the use of facial recognition at airports for boarding in some countries. Today this solution could reduce the number of people infected with Covid-19. Indeed, the integration of BACE API in airports could facilitate the identification of passengers and above all avoid unnecessary long waits.

Transport companies: The Covid-19 should not close the opportunities for companies to develop and recruit drivers. Innovative companies such as Uber, Yango, and Bolt, have the possibility of recruiting more drivers via BACE API integrated into their platforms. Drivers will have to submit their documents such as identity card, driving license and vehicle documents online. Then verify that they are the owners of its documents using BACE API-liveness detection. Note that in Ghana, we ensure the authenticity of these documents from a reliable source.

You agree with us that BACE API can be used and adapted in different industries. As a business, the most important thing is to understand the value of facial recognition and take action. There is no need to create a panic environment and stop your activities. To check out the possibility of implementing BACE API in your business, contact our team and above all give new technologies a chance to transform your business offerings.

Together we can fight the Covid-19 and create a climate of trust.



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