#1: One-off campaigns don’t exist

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Another article on content marketing? Yes, everyone and their uncle is talking about content marketing. Yet, you’d be surprised at how many brands are still doing it wrong.

Marketing has seen a lot of changes in the past decade with content marketing becoming more and more important. And it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. On the contrary, as we advance in this new decade, content marketing will reach higher peaks than ever before. Content creation is the best way for your brand to win in 2020 — as long as you’re doing it right.

You don’t want to…

It works but…

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“Show, don’t tell” is great advice…when you’re not marketing or copywriting. Poets or fiction writers using this technique will find it very efficient.

Their audience is, after all, reading for entertainment. They want to feel the story. But marketing and copywriting has different rules. For example, you can imagine that immersing your audience into your story takes time. Time that your clients don’t have.

Clients are solution-driven. They want answers and solutions right now. A hundred pages of set up to make them feel something will result in crickets. …

Stop Focusing On Yourself

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Open your junk box and you’ll find two types of e-mails. Spam e-mails promising you 4 more inches to your general, or e-mails you signed up to receive but never read. I’m not sure which is worst.

How can a marketer be worse than an advertisement for a bigger dick?

Because these marketers are the reason behind the idea of people hating marketers. Like everything in life, this idea is partially true. People do hate marketers, but only those who lack empathy.

How many times have you signed up to someone’s e-mail list after seeing a promising lead magnet only…

Trying to answer an eternal debate

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Emotions sell. This might just be marketers’ favorite sentence ever. Humans are irrational creatures driven by feelings after all. Therefore, focusing on people’s emotions when selling our product isn’t the wrong way to go.

But, it only shows part of the picture. Humans are, in fact, irrational creatures pretending to be rational. What does it change?

Let’s Get Emotional

What’s a song without emotions? A poem? A book? Just words. Copywriting is no different. Without an emotional connection, your emotional marketing is bound to fail. Your copy is just a bunch of words glued together.

You don’t have to be half a marketer…

Instead of playing the comparison game, find a place no one can knock you out of

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I cringe hard every time the terms “world’s best” or “expert” are used as a description of a product or service.

Who gave you this title? We’re defining ourselves now? I guess I’m the best on my side of the earth — all categories included of course.

Is that your brand persona? Really? That’s pretty basic and cliché if you ask me.

The reason for this frustration, and this article, is this next piece of website copy.

“ …has been making the world’s best scooters since…”

That’s the first sentence on the company’s homepage. Cliché, use of a passive voice…

Sometimes, it’s best to start in the middle

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I’m wasting my time. You’re certainly feeling it too. There’s no intensity. Both of us have so many exciting things we’d rather be doing.

As a copywriter and marketer, you don’t want your prospect to arrive at this when interacting with your brand. So, how can you make your copy more engaging? How can you write copy that absorbs your reader and keeps her guessing?

One of the best ways is to start your copy “in medias res.” It’s Latin for “in the middle of things.” Start writing from the middle of the story.

By starting in medias res, you’re…

How copywriters can predict buyers’ next moves

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What’s going on inside your customer’s mind?

Wait, what? What do you mean, you can’t read minds? And you consider yourself a copywriter? I’ll pass on hiring you…

Copywriters must be able to read minds and predict the future. Or, so it seems.

As your client reads your copy, questions will start popping up. Every statement you make will possibly trigger an objection inside your customer’s mind. You need to predict and address them.

In a face-to-face conversation, you can work around objections and questions as they come. You can’t do that in a sales letter; you need to have…

Here are four principles to help you choose the right one again and again

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“Words were another sword for the man who wielded them well” — Brent Weeks

Words have this special power to cut through any mind, heart — and any wallet.

If you’ve ever confronted a teacher — and planned on not getting expelled afterward — you know how important your word choice is and how carefully you must plan each word.

You think long about your words in those situations. When pitching an idea, in a sales conversation, or when you finally build up the courage to ask out your crush (even though you end up babbling complete nonsense).

And for…

Use loss aversion in your copywriting to increase your conversion rate

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Would you rather win or not lose?

Most people will tell you: “I play to win”. The more chilled out ones will say: “I play for fun”.

Yet, the real answer to this question might surprise you and can help you improve your sales and marketing strategies.

What Is Loss Aversion?

As Cole Schafer puts it:

“People buy to get away from pain or closer to pleasure.”

I’d argue, and studies show, that pain is a way stronger motivator than pleasure. How fast would you run if you were late to a party? You’d walk faster, sure…but you wouldn’t run.

Now, imagine you see…

Kickstart your e-mail marketing with a powerful welcome e-mail.

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Strike while the iron’s hot. It’s as solid advice for blacksmiths as it is for marketers.

A new subscriber to your e-mail list is a warm lead. Not sending a welcome e-mail is letting the metal harden so you’ll have a harder time hammering it. I don’t want to say you’d be dumb to do it, but…

It’s easier when warm. A new subscriber is warm. After all, she went out of her way and decided to take the extra time putting in her information to stay in contact with you. …

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