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This remedy is probably the most famous remedy out of the entire Bach Flower collection of remedies. It is a mixture of 5 out of the 38 individual remedies. It is intended for situations of ACUTE stress and shock. To be used during critical situations or immediately after, while the effects or traces of the crisis are still manifested.

The following five remedies combine to make Rescue Remedy:

🔸 Star of Bethlehem — for shock and disbelief, when we cannot believe what has happened

🔸 Rock Rose — for shock when we feel terror and panic

🔸 Clematis — for…

A Holly person easily falls out of balance and then always reacts aggressively (verbally and/or non-verbally).

These people are oversensitive in the sense that they are easily thrown out of balance whenever things do not go as expected, or when the conditions in which they dwell are demanding. This could be, for example, situations involving fatigue, noise, hunger or lack of sleep. Characteristics of this mood surface easily and are very explosive reactions of aggression, such as anger, jealousy, envy, distrust or hatred, followed by kind of joy or satisfaction when hurt someone.

Also, physical symptoms that characteristically appear suddenly…

A lot of respect should be given to these individuals, many should even have monuments erected in their honor! Courageous by nature, always confident and strong in character. People we can always rely on or count on. They are courageous, tenacious, capable, efficient, hardworking, reliable, positive, calm and collected under stress, independent, fearless, fighters, systematic, relentless, always ready, put up with a lot without complaining, tough, resili- ent, loyal and responsible no matter the price!

These people will never turn you away, refuse to help or offer support and will do anything for you when asked. …

Unlike the Larch state, this lack of confidence comes after a series of successful endeavors! However, the amount of obligations keeps mounting, or the level of responsibility increases and gradually, the person’s capacities are exceeded. That is when our confidence can become ”rattled” causing us to doubt our capabilities.

”I‘m no longer sure if I can do it. I feel like this goes beyond me”

”I have so many obligations, many families rely on me, I‘m not sure how much longer I can keep this up. As like this level of duties and responsibilities beyond me now.”

This is a…

The Crab Apple remedy helps an individual cope with their feelings of shame, which are a consequence of their actions, thoughts or flaws. The person is obsessed with cleanliness of their body or their immediate surroundings.

They are focused on the material world and the reason for this orientation is clear. Material things can be arranged and cleaned; it is easy to maintain cleanliness and order with them.

Photo by Healing Herbs

As with any obsession, this one is also exaggerated. A person is no longer able to tell the difference between important and unimportant. They are equally dedicated to little, in consequential and…


The keywords in relation to Dr. Bach’s system are simplicity and clarity.

What does this mean?

Nature always provides a solution for our survival and existence. It gives us food, water and a sun to keep us warm. Dr. Bach believed that it even has the cure for our ailments and suffering. In order to make them easy to recognize and use, these cures certainly must be simple. We just have to look for them.

Dr. Bach searched for a system that could be easily applied to every person (either with a medical background or a lay person) and for…

”It serves me right, it‘s all my fault.”

”I will be paying for this mistake for the rest of my life.”

It sounds familiar, because it is a common human experience — placing blame on ourselves. It is a tendency to treat our mistakes as sins. However, there is a big difference between error and sin.

Human beings, imperfect by definition, can only make mistakes for three reasons:

Photo by adriankirby at

1. Lack of intelligence — when, because of a limitation (not on purpose), a person is unable to recognize or grasp the rules and ends up acting against them, i.e. making mistakes.

This describes people who miss opportunities because they think they will not know how to or will not be able to do something and that therefore, failure is imminent. Unable to rely on themselves, they expect things to go wrong and this is why they do not even try or, avoid situations altogether. Due to this they do not live life ”to the fullest.”

They do not look at opportunities and problems as challenges, but as definite obstacles. However, this fact is not calmly accepted by them, they are not happy that this is so. They suffer from an inferiority…

The Gorse plant is an shrub with a healthy green color and distinctive yellow owers. Gypsy nomads used it as a helpful guide. During cold periods of the year, they searched it out because wherever Gorse blossomed meant warm weather was soon to come, warm days were about to replace the cold ones. Gorse has also been called ”sunshine in a glass”. This symbolism would be equivalent to the expression used in my country, Serbia — ”the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Photo by Dawid Sobolewski

What is the main characteristic of the Gorse negative state?

It is not a lack of belief in a new chance, it is a complete loss…

Honeysuckle is the regular remedy for longing and nostalgic grief for the happy days of the past, which cannot return. The mind dwells on memories, refusing to see any good in present circumstances.

Photo by Annie Spratt

Anyone who loses some sort of special status that was a source of happiness and / or health can be overwhelmed with grief and nostalgia — a first born child in a family getting a younger brother or sister or when parents divorce and the child has to change its environment.

Nostalgia can arise due to loss of youth, health, beauty or the loss of a significant…

Psychotherapy and Bach Flower Remedies

Milena Kostic — Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner

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