Honeysuckle — Bach Flower Essence for Nostalgia

Honeysuckle is the regular remedy for longing and nostalgic grief for the happy days of the past, which cannot return. The mind dwells on memories, refusing to see any good in present circumstances.

Photo by Annie Spratt

Anyone who loses some sort of special status that was a source of happiness and / or health can be overwhelmed with grief and nostalgia — a first born child in a family getting a younger brother or sister or when parents divorce and the child has to change its environment.

Nostalgia can arise due to loss of youth, health, beauty or the loss of a significant emotional relationship.

Thinking about the past is a source of pleasure and comfort for the person and that prevents them from being ”present” in current events. Some traumatic, bad experience could keep one in past as well.

The positive side of a Honeysuckle state is gaining the ability to hold on to the good memories of someone or something and being able to incorporate and add the beauty of those memories to the current stage in life; instead of feeling that all joy has been left in the past, the person becomes also capable of seeing possible sources of satisfaction in present day to day life.

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