Impatiens — Bach Flower Essence for Impatience, Rashness & Hastiness

This state of mind can be a personality trait, meaning that the person has always been like that. They are usually very clever, able to immediately find and implement a solution to a problem. They are convinced (mostly based on thair experience with everyday tasks) that they are more effective than others and that they are quicker to grasp hold of problems, tasks and situations.

Their experience usually confirms this fact. They are always ready, no delays! They have no patience for people who are systematic and slow by nature. Impatiens becomes extremely anxious and tense whenever they are forced to wait their turn or directed to any type of contact with a slow person. This is a real source of frustration for them. In moments like these, they can react with unpleasant outbursts.

Impatiens person prefers to work alone, to be alone. Even when they are not doing anything, they have to at least, drum their angers on a table, tap their feet — to show their impatience in various ways. An adult person is able to control their impatience. Sometimes, we cannot conclude by their behavior that impatience is an issue. Yet, on the inside, this person feels a lot of tension, trembling, which is also a reflection of their frustration because they have had to wait or to stay still.

Impatience can also be a feeling resulting from a particular stage in life, or an imposed lifestyle, a number of circumstances such as chronic ”lack of time”, circumstances that have ”accelerated” someone. In other words, it does not necessarily have to be a personality trait. A person can become impatient in certain circumstances.

Impatiens — Healing Herbs video

What does the Impatiens remedy do?

It establishes peace and balance. It teaches a person to be patient when necessary, to be systematic when necessary and to remain quick whenever possible. Based on personal experience and clients’ comments, it is clear that the remedy offers a particularly nice experience:

”I have enough time, I am not pressed for time, I am not late.”

A feeling that days are not passing us by, that time is not flying by, we have enough time and just the right amount of it — a wonderful place to be in today‘s lifestyle.

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