Fat Dad Syndrome

Is This You?

Let me paint you a picture. You don’t know me. You’ve never met me. This is our first encounter. I guarantee I’m going to leave an everlasting impression on your life.

You arrive at the park with your kids. I’m not sure how many kids you have or how old they are but let’s just say you get there with your kids. They hop out of the car and before you know it they’re off to the races. Their goal? That slide that would have terrified me at their age. No, seriously, have you seen those things? That and all the other disastrous and bone breaking “playground equipment”. It’s sketchy for me to get on them now let alone when I was 6.

Anyways, so there they go. Running and screaming with excitement. Sprinting over the grass and past the tress to the sand where all the action is. This is what I refer to as “The Danger Zone”. Highway to the Danger zone! Sorry, I love Top Gun — DANGER ZONE!

The Danger Zone. The area where all the kids are running, playing, jumping, and climbing. Not just on the equipment but on themselves too. Shits horrifying if you know what I mean. My daughter is 2.5 years old and all those hooligans. It makes me a little nervous.

As you get closer you notice one thing. It’s not all the parents sitting around watching their kids play. It’s not that 2 out of the 3 adults are overweight or obese. It’s not the fact that kids try and play with their parents. Dad huffs and puffs when they “run” which is more like a slow waddle anyways.

You don’t notice any of that because that’s you. Your that dad that waddles and cant keep up with your kids. Your that dad that takes the kids to the park and sits on the side while your kids are running around. Your kids want to play ball? Nope, shoulder pain. Your kids want you to push them on the swing? Back problems — right?

So you don’t notice any of that. The one thing you notice is me — or a version of me. A dad that doesn’t have what you have — what I call FDS or Fat Dad Syndrome. There’s a new term going around. Dad Bod or something stupid like that. Don’t let the media fool you. Dad Bod or Fat Dad Syndrome isn’t the in thing. It’s embarrassing if anything.

You see this dad is sprinting with his kids and pushing them on swing. He climbs the rock wall (death wall), jumps, runs, and plays. There’s no embarrassment. Want to know what they feel — what I feel? I feel zero pain and energetic. I feel happy and joyful because I’am able to do the simple things with my daughter.

Wait, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t put you in this predicament. I’m not the one with magical powers that gave you the hated FDS. You’re the one that made these choices. You’re the one who lives that lifestyle. You eat what you eat and sit around like you do. So don’t get pissed at me. Its not my fault. You’re the one who is sitting there upset. You’re the one wishing you could run around without knee and back pain. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to stop every 10 seconds because you’re winded.

All I’m trying to do is help. I’m painting this picture that you and I see every day. Acutely, I fucking hate it. I hate seeing dads not playing with their kids. I remember that being my dad. Now, my dad wasn’t out of shape. Honestly he was in decent shape and still is. He just didn’t have interest in running around with me all the time. I can relate to these kids that play by themselves while their dads sit to the side.

I know what your thinking — Bacilio — that’s my dad and grandfathers name so don’t ask. Are you just going to criticize me or are you going to help? Look, I can help. I have no doubt that I can help. The question is can you help? Can you help yourself or is it going to be too much work? Is it going to be too much work to change the way you eat? Is it going to be too much work to exercise?

Ask yourself that. Or maybe your happy being dad with Fat Dad Syndrome. Maybe you like being the envious guy of the fit dad at the playground.

If you don’t want to put in the work then go back to living your life. Go back to pains and aches while sitting and wishing you could play with your kids. I’m not affected. I’m not the one in pain.

If your interested, I’m going to write daily and give you the best possible content I can. I have tips and tricks and all sorts of other stuff to kick the FDS. You’ll actually be able to play with your kids. You’ll actually be able to kick the soccer ball around. You wont have aches and pains from walking around the block.

Look, if this sounds promising, I’ll keep you updated on BookFace, Medium, and Twitterz. I was once fat — really fat. I changed my life and I like to think I know my stuff because of mentors. I read a lot and further my education to make myself and those around me better. Most importantly, I work with real people.

If not, and you think I’m full of shit, ok. I’m not charging you anything. I’m asking you to buy into this lifestyle. Or go and be the fat out of shape dad. That’s on you — not me.

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