Ebony Spire: Heresy — Itch.io Launch — press release

It’s time to go hands-on with the first public demo of Ebony Spire: Heresy!

Ebony Spire: Heresy is a coffee break dungeon crawler in which you can crawl, throw, summon and smash your way through 15 levels of handcrafted fantasy goodness. Equip over 200 items and weapons, explore 5 different worlds and choke your way up the Ebony Spire.

Today, 29th September marks the launch of the first public demo of Ebony Spire: Heresy. The demo explores the first 3 levels and it’s portal worlds. The player will face 16 enemies ranging from peaceful Worshipers to Nagas and Creature Summoning Priests. Over 30 items can be picked up, thrown and used in range and melee combat in this demo.

Take control of your keyboard in an old-school, first person, dungeon crawler. Use the arrow keys to move in a grid-based fashion. Press I to access the inventory and equip, use or throw items at unsavory foes! Press T to throw the selected item or Space to equip/use it. Press L to access the logs and PageUp/PageDown to navigate through it. Walk towards an enemy you are facing to attack.

Explore the 3 tower levels and their portals. Visit the Golden City’s marketing district, the Docks and Underground Landing Bay. Fight enemies in the Arena or use your magic ring to push away the darkness. Find keys to unlock access to these levels and explore to your heart’s content.

Download the demo for free from Itch.io or pre-purchase it for just 4.99$! The game will launch on Steam at the end of October for the price of 9.99$.

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Ebony Spire: Heresy is designed and developed by Bacioiu Constantin Ciprian (PFA) under his online moniker (Bearded Giant Games). The source code for the game is licensed under the MIT license and can be grabbed freely from Github (note: commits happen when a new version is released). The game is in development for Linux and Windows with more platforms to be added after the initial release. Learn more about the game on it’s itch.io page.

Press Contact:

Name: Bacioiu Constantin Ciprian
Mobile: (+40) 747 165 981
Email: bacioiu.ciprian @ gmail.com
Twitter: @Zapakitul