Everything you need to know About Nougat

The new name ‘Android Nougat’ has recently been added to the android list. It is the 7th key version of Android Operating System. Google has officially released it on August 22, 2016.

It is a good upgrade by Google, but this version will only be available if you don’t have a recent Nexus device, like: Nexus 6, 6P, 5X or Nexus 9 tablet. It will take some time to receive over-the-air update for everybody’s devices.

Nougat isn’t extremely different from the last version Marshmallow, only some improvements in the features has been made in this latest Version.

Going further, there are bigger changes that should make this Android version fast and more secure.

Review of Nougat: does it matter?

Notifications: The interface of Notification has totally changed and this is one of the most notable features. Notification area works according to your expectations.

When you get a message, you can swipe down on the card, tap on reply, type and then send it to back. This all is possible even without opening the app. It’s a fantastic feature that saves a lot of time and provides endless app switching.

In Nougat, Notification area comes with super flat and full-width screen. We can archive, delete, share and do many more things directly from the notification area. All these actions make notification area a much more active and responsive place.

From the notification settings, we can direct Android how much information to display on the lock screen and still manage to swipe and dismiss the notifications.

Multitasking: Just, take a deep breath, we will now make you walk through the Multitasking or “Split-screen mode” feature of the Nougat. It is a major feature being added by the Google that will hopefully be supported by all the Mobile Apps.

Android Nougat is better in some ways than what we’ve seen before.

Split Screen mode will works in Portrait and Landscape mode, and in Portrait mode, two ‘Windows’ can be resized according to our necessity. Minimum app height can be customized by the App Developers, but we stick to a 50/50 width in landscape mode.

This mode can be activated by long- pressing the recent apps/ overview button. In app picker, we can also activate by long-pressing and dragging it to top of the screen. We can also use a gesture action. So, there are so many options.

Further, the first app will appear in the top window (or in landscape mode, the app will appear on the left) and we will be able to choose our second app from the app picker, which will display automatically what actually makes sense.

Better UI Tuner: Today, Everybody wants to see the quick setting panel in phone, so, finally Google has added this panel at the top of the notification tray.

We can get instant control toggles when we swipe down the notification tray from top of the screen. Here are the simple steps that will guide how to enable UI Tuner in Nougat:

1. Swipe down notification tray from the top

2. Press on down arrow

3. Long press to setting icon

4. Observe UI Tuner Notification

5. Finally, press on UI Tuner in settings.

This UI Tuner gives you better customization feature in Android and extra ways to tweak.

Some other Enhancements:

Instead of the above mentioned features, Google has also added and improved some important features. Let’s check this out:

Battery saver Doze: Earlier, this mode used to put our tablet or smartphone into hibernate state when it was not being used. But, now this mode has taken some steps further. We can use this Mode even while the phone is in motion.

Virtual Reality (VR): Google has unleashed all its VR plans in Android Nougat. Daydream, a VR platform allied to an Android Nougat-based UI is used for VR content much easily and smoothly. VR experience gets much efficient with Ultra-low 20ms latency.

Maybe our phone will not be compatible with this feature, but we can expect that most new smartphones can support Daydream.

Do Not Disturb: Most complicated implementation of the latest Android version is ‘Do Not Disturb’. This setting allows us to choose from: Alarms Only, Total Silence and Priority Only. We can set Priority mode for a short period of time or for as much time as we want.

Security: Google has officially improved the security through media framework hardening, seamless updates and file-based encryption.

With ‘seamless updates’ our mobile can download new software images in the background when connected to the internet and wait for the next time until we don’t restart our phone.

With ‘file-based encryption’, we don’t need to enter our device’s password upon restarting.

Nougat is not a revolutionary break over Marshmallow but still offers major advances over it. It is packed with many wonderful surprises and presents multiple nice usability modifications.