Learn the secrets and myths of a successful crowdfunding campaign: How we drove 2,000+ backers to fund an indie video game.

Backercamp is an independent full-service firm for crowdfunding projects.

We analyze campaigns, develop strategies, and provide guidance that leads our clients to reach their fundraising goals. Through our proven metrics, we create marketing strategies that pinpoint the project’s target audience to create a natural synergy between the project, the media partners, and the backers.

After supporting more than 4,000 projects, we wanted to share even more of the expertise we gained over the years by creating closer partnerships with our clients — thus the Full Campaign Package was born.

This highly customized service allows us to to make a more…

What creators should keep in mind when creating their project timeline? How important is the time of day or day of the week a crowdfunding begins and ends?

So, you have an idea or project that you would like to raise funds for with a crowdfunding campaign? When is the best time in the process to press the launch button?

Getting right with timing will make your crowdfunding efforts easier and increase the overall success of your campaign. That said, an optimal timing strategy requires foresight, so always start by allocating enough commitment and resources for proper planning.

After working with thousands of projects at different stages, we’ve found that launch times really depend on the nature of the project. For example, if you are into product design…


Since 2012, we partner with creators to bring their projects to fruition through our full-service approach. 5,500+ projects so far! www.backercamp.com

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