Top 5 Smart Ways To Get A Job You Want Today

Feb 22, 2017

How’s your job search coming along?The job market has been pretty crazy in the past. Most jobs today have no qualified applicants making it harder and competitive. With this fiasco, some candidates are becoming very creative in getting notice to get the jobs they want.

As crazy as some of these situations sound, they have one common denominator: they worked. The candidates captured their target employers’ attention and sometimes even landed the job.

With that said, to ease the stress of looking for a job and feeling like you’re actually working without pay, you’ll need to get creative and responsible.

1. Create an impressive Portfolio or Resume

Create unique resumes for each position that doesn’t fall under the same category or field. Okay now you are think, why does that matter? Well it does because, if your applying for a tech job in marketing — You’ll want to have a marketing resume not a software developer resume.

It might sound like a nothing, but you’d be shocked at how many qualified candidates lose job opportunities based on this simple fact. Making this mistake off the back, might come across as — you do not pay attention to detail and that might turn off the company who desperately needs you help.

2. Be Present and Responsible Online

Today, we live in a very connected world, so use that to your advantage. Most hiring managers search for your on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter or even Google you to see what pops up — so you need an online profile that accurately represents you as a professional, focus on LinkedIn.

Your profile should match your resume, be full of job-specific keywords, and be 100 percent professional, don’t use filler words. Keep all your social media pictures clean and professional especially you LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Also broaden your job search depending on your skills and industry experience.

3. Build Relationships That Matter

Starting that new job you love can be simpler than you think. First, you’ll need to know people who know people! This can get you a referral. Second, the person who refers you — can also put in a good word to the hiring manager, this will help elevate your profile.

To get started, search for groups on Facebook, set up local meetings with social connections, ask friends for referrals if the position matches your skills, just invade the minds of others if you really need the job.

4. Know The Company You Are Apply To

Before you step your toes through the door for an interview, make sure to research and understand what the company does. Spend some valuable time on the company’s website, understand the industry — if you’re not familiar with the products. Have some well targeted questions for your interviewer and ask them with confidence at the end of your interview.

5. After Your Interview

Reconnect back with your interviewer by sending them something memorable, it works. Every time they see it, that reminds them of how thoughtful your were to do that. After a week or so — if no response, don’t be afraid to call the hiring manager and ask for a status. This also shows how interested you are, if you were third on the list — I’m pretty confident you just gained more point and might just be the person filling up that position.

Make it a habit to be organised and you will tank your future self with the dream job you’ve always wanted. As you move forward, you can start your job search with WorkTipper — We’ll always have your back.


Divine Tumenta is an entrepreneur and professional digital marketing expert based in Los Angeles. He has worked in digital marketing for more than 8+ years. He is currently founder and CEO of (Creator of WorkTipper) and a go to consultant for startups and small businesses in the USA.

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