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InkaPay is the best way for send money online internationally to your family, friends and customers. You can easily cash transfer online in over 10 currencies.

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INKAPAY is a payment platform that utilizes the Blockchain technology that allows you to send and receive cash payments in only 30 mins, in more than 10 different currencies, in between users using the same platform or outside the platform.

InkaPay allows you to centralize your payments and charges on a single platform through an easy-to-use, comfortable and intuitive interface.Trading in just 30 minutes in over 10 currencies of America, Europe and Asia through Blockchain technology.We protect your transactions with the most minute security parameters and with the permission to move your money through the main banks of the countries where we operate.

We offer wide range of foreign exchange rate available at Easily compare money transfer rates on the world’s best exchange market.

Send and receive money easily, quickly and safely from your family, friends and customers in over 10 currencies in America, Europe and Asia in just 30 minutes and with the best commissions.

We allow to send payments online in America, Europe and Asia. InkaPay is one of the largest international online money transfer services for you.

Feel free to receive payments for your products or services in foreign currency, when and where you are, using the same platform, and withdraw from your bank account without complicated procedures; and with our new E-Commerce API, which integrates InkaPay with your website and makes payments and charges from your customers in more than 10 different currencies.

InkaPay is the first platform in Latin America that using Bitcoins allows you the option to send money at low costs. This is because InkaPay does not sent your local currency to other countries directly, what happens is that a local purchase / sale trade of Bitcoins is done in your country and destination country.

It makes payments from its providers inside and outside its borders, in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, China, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela through InkaPay in just 30 minutes. Easy, fast and safe. Soon also in the United States, India, Italy, England and Singapore.

It is simple. Once your account has been verified, you need to make a deposit in your local currency. Choose from our many options to charge your account, bank accounts being most common. In this case for example, register your bank account in our platform and then transfer the funds to the account number provided by our team.

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