How to Use ES6 for Universal JavaScript Apps
Eric Elliott

Any chance of upgrading the article to version 2: babel 6?

Slightly OT: Choosing dev tools is tough. There are three main ones I think: 1) NPM/Babelify/Browserify 2) webpack 3) SystemJS/jspm.

I recently did a webgl mooc (Ed Angel’s) entirely in es6 w/ JSPM with *no* additional configuration of JSPM. Worked great: Dynamically for dev, Static for “production” (homework :). It also shields me from Babel changes like the new version 6 .. JSPM does it for me.

I tweeted to the whatwig Loader folks as to what the best path was. They confirmed SystemJS is best if you want a “standards” approach. The Babel team (Slack) favored NPM/Browserify simply because it’s simple and well known in the community.

I’m worried we’ll have Module Wars with incompatible es6 import/export boiler plate. And with HTTP/2, a lot of prior concerns are no longer justified.

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