I am also trying to avoid a build step during development using ES6 native modules.

Hi Antoine.

Did I understand correctly that with Rollup you can create a file Vendors.js from node_modules dependencies, that will be in ES format ? Then how do you use that file in your code ?

No .. Rollup always starts with an es6 Module format, then converts it to iife (“legacy” browser format), cjs (node format), or even es6 Module (combines several Modules into a new, larger Module.

It is, however, possible to use the “anonymous import”, i.e. without a name: `import “path/to/module.js”` with _some_ vendor.js files. Pako, for example, described in the story.

My “wrapper” approach was the only simple, always works, approach I found: simply use the foo.min.js file wrapped in code that turned it into a Module. It also installs it in the window global space if the original foo.min.js did so. It turns out this is important sometimes, like where THREE uses its global to install plugins.

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