Musings of an Erstwhile Republican about the 2016 Election and What Really Makes America Great
Jon Mott

Thank you for convincing me that there are thoughtful former Republicans, and maybe even current Republicans. I may not agree with some of your positions, but I heartily agree that there is a process to debate and select alternatives. If we ever get through this epic 8-year long election season, I can only hope that persons of good intention will finally get down to actually working on solutions, instead of trying to score points.

I can assure you that the collection of neo-fascists that loose this election (oh, I surely hope so), and their confused followers, will torture the body-politic for at least 6–12 months about the “rigging of the election”.

At least the Democratic primaries had some (although limited) policy actions for a platform. Maybe that can be a nucleus for actually policy building?

Hope springs eternal, or democracy would not exist…

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