Why I “Need” an AR-15
Jon Stokes

Thanks for an informative article. I have in the past been a hunter, and probably will be again in the future. The rule being, don’t kill what you won’t eat. So-called sport shooting at animals confuses me, as pointless and cruel, and wasteful. That being said, I don’t think that rational, adult, and trained persons should be denied ownership of any kind of weapon they can realistically prove that they can be responsible with. Yup, offer up some kind of proof. Like driving a car. Misbehave, and loose your license. What an awful idea?

Shooting at people must be limited to true life-and-death situations, as you have properly identified. It cannot escape your attention that rigorous licence and control of fire arms has seriously reduced crime and fire-arm violence in several jurisdictions, without crippling loss of liberty or engendering government misbehavior. So, why not America? Are Americans less valuable than other people? More deserving of random or directed mass homicides? OK with a continuous accidents that kill and maim children? As much as I want you to be able to use whatever fire arm you want, or need (really, sort of weak on that one), I think that the inconvenience of control and licensing (yes, oppressive and highly regulated control) weighs much less than the unacceptable frequency of murder of American citizens, by both Americans and foreign agents. How much inconvenience are you unwilling to accept for preventing these deaths? Let’s be honest — prevention of a hostile government takeover by AR-15 “sportsmen” and trained former military gun-owners is not a very realistic (or likely) scenario in this country. So, please, do share on your ideas on winnowing out how we can keep weapons out of the hands of nut-bars. Soon. It is getting weird out here, and I have children that I cannot follow around all day, while wearing body armor.

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