Chiropractic Brochures, Handouts & Models At Affordable Rates

Back Talk Systems, Inc. is an online portal that assists chiropractors worldwide by the means of modern and state-of-the-art communication tools and patient-centered protocols in order to help their patients explain their ailments.

In order to push the acceptance of these chiropractic tools and utilization of these devices, these are designed and developed by President and C.E.O, Dr. Rob Jackson, who owns an active, multi-doctor practice in Denver. He has made available a wide array of chiropractic products ranging from Anatomical Models & Charts and Chiropractic Models, Chiropractic Brochure Racks, Chiropractic Handouts, Demonstration Tools, Digital Chiropractic Posters, Greetings and Postcards, Chiropractic Business Cards, and many more.

Chiropractic professionals get to lay their hands on Anatomical Models, such as 3 Stage Lumbar Spinal Degeneration Model, LxH Disc Model. Lumbar Degeneration Model depicts both anterior and posterior bone degeneration and related soft tissue damage. Back Talk Systems makes available much bigger and accurate models that are created using the latest scientific research. Also, the Chiropractic Handouts comprise Imaging Handout, Kids Activity Pads, Model Handout, Nerve Function Handout, Subluxation Degeneration, etc.

Apart from that, they make available the chiropractic brochures — both lifestyle and sigma lifestyle brochures. Some of the lifestyle chiropractic brochures comprise: Lifestyle Brochure set and Carpal Tunnel Lifestyle Brochure. While some of Sigma Lifestyle Brochures include: Sigma Headaches, Sigma Lower Back, etc. By the means of these, let your patients know that you can help!

Many such posters, charts, models and handouts can be obtained from Back Talk Systems at affordable rates.

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