Does back papers affects placement during campus recruitment or not?

Are you suffering from back papers in engineering? Are you worried that whether you will get placed in campus recruitment or not? Well, don’t. While this is a common doubt in the minds of engineering students that a back subject can prove to be an obstacle in their placement, but it usually isn’t.

It is because almost 70% of engineering students; even the bright ones suffer from back papers at least once during their engineering education. And sometimes lack of study is not even the factor for back. Students may suffer from an accident or they may fall ill and hence are unable to appear in exams.

Due to this majority of companies does not care about your back subjects All they want is that the candidate should have deep knowledge and understanding of the subject.

While there are few companies that does not hires students with back subjects, but the ratio of such companies is very less. Almost 97.5% companies allow students with back subjects to appear in their campus recruitment. One thing should be noted that all your back subjects should be cleared before you appear in campus recruitment of any company.

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