A New Hope

Originally written on 9/11/16, 7:03 PM

One of the biggest fears I had before I began this blog was that this pain would continue to grow worse, beat me down, until I eventually just gave up and died. Looking back at this fear now I can laugh at it. It’s absurd. Although at times, believe me, the pain is excruciating, I can’t honestly say I believe I will wither away and die from it now. But this newfound optimistic view didn’t just magically appear in me. I attribute this new view to the fact that there’s new hope currently in my life. I’m seeing the new physical therapist, Dr. Brent, who I mentioned has earned the nickname “the witchdoctor” for his track record of healing the seemingly un-healable. For years, Dr. Brent has been seeing people who are at their wits end, who’ve tried everything to end their pain, and who’ve nearly given up hope. Somehow, this humble physical therapist residing in Georgetown, Texas, has been the answer many of the desperate people have been looking for.

I’m thankful that my mom, bless her caring heart, was kind enough to share his information with me. She didn’t say it, but I’m sure that she’s been worried about me a lot lately, and two fellow coaches she works with happened to suggest Dr. Brent to her for me. I’m guessing she’s told them of my chronic pain and they both apparently have seen Dr. Brent and have sent athletes to him to work his magic. They swore by him and urged my mom to have me reach out to him. I was in agony when she called to talk to me about him and I welcomed the info she shared with me. Before I knew it, I was on the phone with Dr. Brent himself, explaining my condition, my history, and my personal life struggles with the pain.

He was sharp. I could tell this just over the phone. He was also matter-of-fact. As I explained the pain, my previous injuries that might have contributed to the pain, Dr. Brent seemed to finish my sentences. Almost knowing what I was going through without him ever even meeting me or examining me. I think he could hear the lack of hope in my voice that day — even if it was just through the phone.

Dr. Brent told me he believed he had a good idea of what was really plaguing me and why everyone else I’d seen simply couldn’t help me. It’s too complicated to explain in words he used because I simply am no doctor, but basically, I got the gist of it. Dr. Brent believed that my basketball injury back in October of 2014 affected my organs in a way that was causing me long term pain. He explained that falling onto my upper back at a downward angle at the velocity I did forced my organs upward and backward. Soft tissues, fascia and muscles connect to the organs but also connect to ribs, back, and chest. All areas I was having a lot of pain in. Needless to say, I wanted to see him in person to see if he could tell more from an examination.

On my first appointment, upon looking me over and running a few physical tests, Dr. Brent told me he stood by his theory and wanted to begin work on my stomach and sternum to start releasing the fascia and tight muscles that were keeping my organs locked in the upward/backward position. He did, it hurt a little, but overall felt pretty good.

I left sore. The next day, it all felt worse. He told me it might. So I kept my head up. Second day, less pain. A lot less. Third day, almost no pain at all. I’m on day four now. The pain is slowly coming back but a lot less intense and debilitating than usual.

Dr. Brent has given me new hope. I can see how this pain will not get worse. It won’t continue to rule my life and ultimately be my demise. It’s simply an injury that has been misdiagnosed for 2 years. It’s still a difficult road to recovery through manual and physical therapy, but Dr. Brent assures me I’ll be 100%. I’ll be me again, soon. If that’s not hopeful, I don’t know what is.

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