Originally written on 9/18/16, 5:24 PM

Just wanted to write a quick update. Things are still feeling pretty good. Today I had a tiny bit more discomfort than I’ve had this whole week. It is the end of the week and I began trying to become more active and less sedentary. I went on a 3 mile hike yesterday morning at 7:00 am and today I decided to go back to the gym. I did a half mile on an elliptical followed by a circuit of goblet squats, lunging rotations, and seated medicine ball lifts. All of it felt good. No real pain. Capped things off with 20 minutes in the sauna.

Tomorrow morning I see Dr. Brent. Then off to a busy week of work again.

Currently, my pain has ranged between a level 1–4. Mostly on the lower levels which is good. One side note, I did sleep flat last night and felt it woke me up more throughout the night with discomfort. Going back to lifting my back and head up with the Tempurpedic tonight to see if it helps again.

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