Turkey Creek Trail, ATX

Originally posted on 9/17/16, 9:47 PM

Turkey Creek Trail, Austin Texas

I’ve fallen very far behind on posting but it’s been for good reasons. I’ve been busy with physical therapy appointments this week, along with a deep tissue session with Katie, and I have also been extremely busy at work. However, it’s been a good busy.

I won’t list everything out but I’ve had very little pain for a longer duration of time now. I saw Dr. Brent this past Wednesday, September 14th and immediately felt great again after seeing him. I saw Katie that night, then I saw Dr. Brent the very next morning for a deeper session of Visceral Manipulation. He’s wanting me to get 2 sessions in a week, this week just so happened to be back to back days. Seemed to work great though!

Next week I see him Monday then a colleague of his named Jeff on Thursday.

Hoping this continues to improve my condition and ultimately heal it! Dr. Brent is confident that I will be back to normal living a fully active and pain-free life in a matter of a few weeks.

I’ve been staying gluten free mostly. Still taking strong Chinese herbs, magnesium pills and oil rubbed on each night, along with MyoCalm herbs, Centrum Vitamins, and turmeric. So far so good.

My parents came up to visit this weekend and we actually did something active! A 3 mile moderate level hike at Turkey Creek Trail! It wasn’t that bad for me! I’m a bit sore and stiff this evening, but it’s to be expected. We’ll see how I do tomorrow morning and I’ll update this things after I’ve seen Dr. Brent again.

Taking on the trails at Turkey Creek!
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