Visceral Manipulation

Originally written on 9/19/16, 6:56 PM

I saw Dr. Brent again today. This makes for 5 total visits and 3 weeks of what is medically termed as “visceral manipulation”. This is the technique Dr. Brent and his practice is using to heal my injury. It’s that process I described in some of my previous posts where he is manually using his hands to stretch my fascia and tissue surrounding my organs so that they may regain their mobility and proper positioning. Go here to read more about it! Also, the image above is from this other great article on VM —

My pain levels have reduced significantly. The only thing that occasionally arises is a little bit of that nagging upper left trapezius and left scapula behind the shoulder blade issues. I notice it more when I spend a long time at the computers. I also get some headaches but nothing like it used to be.

I haven’t had to ice or heat or go through my tedious and time consuming rituals of stretches and lacrosse ball sessions at all since I’ve begun seeing Dr. Brent. So this is a clear sign of improvement for me.

There’s still a lot of limitation when it comes to physical activities. I can feel things flaring up as I begin doing anything a bit more strenuous. Walking and hiking hasn’t posed a major problem though. The brief exercise regime I did yesterday felt okay. Not awesome and totally pain free, but okay.

I started off with the elliptical. Doing that I felt the pain creeping in so I stopped at half a mile. Then went in to do my circuit of goblet squats, lunges, and medicine ball lifts. This all didn’t seem to aggravate anything too much.

I strongly believe Dr. Brent is correct in his diagnosis and he has assured me this will be 100% healed in due time. He isn’t certain on how long it will take, but he claims every session we have together is reconditioning the fascia and tissue to forget the old patterns its used to and is restoring the healthy position it should be in.

Oh, and no more sauna! Dr. Brent says cold is the way to go right now. He said heat is going to do something (I don’t recall his exact words) but what he meant was that it will go back to the old way if I used heat.

So instead I went to Restore Cryotherapy near my house. Dr. Brent keeps recommending I do cryo following his treatments. He says it’s going to really help speed up my recovery from this injury. So I’m listening. We’ll see how I feel sleeping and waking up tonight/tomorrow. Those have been the most difficult for me. I go to bed a little stiff and wake up a bit more stiff and achey.