A Compromise

So a little less than a week ago it came to my attention that I do not have a full time paying job.

As looking for a job must be my top priority for the present, I let up on the 1,667 words (or more) a day. I am still working on my novel every day, just not on steroids.

Does this hurt? Yes.

Didn’t I say writing would be my top priority?

Well I was slightly lying. I have two top priorities: one, making a living, and two, writing. They are both equally important to me, which is why I haven’t stopped writing altogether.

But Katie, you’ll say. You said you wanted to be a writer by profession. What is this job that you speak of?

Well the time has come to tell you. I am also a computer programmer. I’ve not been one for long, only the last 3 years.

Yes! I can harness the power of computers. I particularly like making websites and web applications. I have now put up a game online, though I won’t link to it since I wish to remain anonymous for now. I know a number of programming languages. I have a degree in computer science now (as of last May).

But Katie, you’ll ask. Do you love it?

Good question, I’ll say. The answer is most probably yes.

Why the qualifiers? Well it’s only been 3 years! I’ve identified as a writer my entire life. The two identities just cannot be compared, it would be unfair.

Back to my pronouncement in my first post. Didn’t I say I’d be a writer by profession? What’s this computer science business?

Well, I am a very ambitious person, as it turns out. I want two professions. Katie, Writer and Computer Scientist. Yeah, that sounds good.