The Top 3 Lawn Problems & Why You Need Bacteria & Fungi to Help Resolve Them

The Science behind 3 Problems that may affect your Lawn & why cost effective Bacteria & Fungi help promote Healthy, Green & Beautiful Lawns.

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Before we begin, I just wanted to clear up a little misconception that many home owners might have. You don’t actually have “Lawn Problems”, what you have are Soil Problems. What a lot of people don’t know is that if your soil does not have a good amount of biological activity, it tends to be very poor. Poor soil can cause a host of problems for the things that are grown in it, like say, your grass.

Great, now that we’ve cleared that up lets go through the top 3 “Lawn Problems” that might get you down.

  1. Dry Spots
Before Bactifeed - Notice the dates (the hottest part of the summer) — After Bactifeed

Lets get started by digging into a little soil science. Ever heard of Humus? I know what your thinking, but no, you wouldn’t want to dip your pita in this stuff. Humus [(h)yo͞oməs ] is actually decomposed organic matter, not quite as tasty as hummus (at least not to us). When bacteria comes into contact with organic matter, they gobble it up & transform it into Humus. One of the many amazing things about humus (and we still don’t know ALL of them) is that it holds 90% of its weight in water. They are basically microscopic water storage tanks. The end result of this being that the more humus you have in your soil, the less dry spots you will have.

Another potential issue is that dry spots may be caused by compacted soil. Compacted soil can make it so that you’re not able to get water down to the roots. Think of this like…water trying to get through a clogged drain. What makes bacteria so great is they are like tiny rooters that unclog & open up compacted soil. As they start building their colonies, they make microscopic tunnels throughout the soil. This allows water to make its way down to where it’s desperately needed.

We also can’t forget about Mycorrhizae Fungi. This amazing plant?…animal?… (something in-between) actually forms a symbiotic relationship with your lawn’s roots. Mycorrhizae take in water & nutrients from the soil exchanging those for sugars that the plant produces. They stick their tiny little “fingers”, called hyphae, into the cell walls of the root becoming symbiotic. They then dig down deeper than the grass’s roots normally grow, thus allowing them to find more water deep in the ground and transport it back up to the roots.

FACT: Bactifeed customers have saved, on average, 30% on their water usage. The average home owner spends $50 to $150 a month watering their lawn. That’s as much as $45/month in water savings!

2. Dog Urine Spots

This has got to be one of the most common complaints I personally hear from home owners. Dog urine is straight up toxic. It stresses the roots out and it can take a very long time to recover.

Fun fact, did you know that good soil health promoting bacteria doesn’t like to live in a toxic environment, who knew? If their colonies are not strong enough this can be problematic for your soil.

The key here is ratios. When a large number good bacteria come into contact with toxins, salts, or (you guessed it) dog urine, they either consume it or place a buffer around the toxic substance in order to protect their colonies. Inadvertently, this process also protects grass roots. Using Bactifeed increases the number of strong and healthy bacteria colonies in your soil; making your lawn very happy & your neighbors almost as green with envy.

FACT: Bactifeed has been used very successfully to clean the soil in mining reclamation projects. Point being, if it can handle an army of canary killing toxins in mine soil, your lawn is going to be no problem.

3. Brown Spots/Fairy Ring

The kind of fungus that causes brown spots or “fairy ring” isn’t always as symbiotic as Mycorrhizae Fungi, which is why they cause a problem for your lawn. There are some fungus that compete with your lawn, causing those ugly brown or discolored spots. The good news is that they only out-compete if your lawn roots are too weak and malnourished to fight them off. Remember that amazing substance called humus? Well it’s also plant food. Humus (nature’s pantry) is packed full of the nutrients that your lawn needs to be strong and healthy.

The bacteria in Bactifeed also softens and opens up the soil; making it so your lawn’s roots don’t have to struggle as much and can grow deeper to find the things they need, like water, oxygen, & nitrogen. Mycorrhizae (the good Fungus) can bore into rocks and mine for minerals that they can then transport back to the roots.

All this to say, Bactifeed helps reduce the stress on your lawn by giving the soil what it needs to become strong, healthy & fight off disease.

FACT: Most commercial fertilizers get tied up in soil and becomes unusable, if you increase the biological activity in your soil, that tied up fertilizer can be converted to a usable form. Because of this Bactifeed customers have been able to reduce their fertilizer use by up to 30%.

I hope you enjoyed this journey into the soil. My name is Levi, I’m co-owner of Bactifeed Lawn & Garden. If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can find us on Instagram: @BactifeedLG Twitter: @BactifeedLG or Facebook @BactifeedLG

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