Create an Agile Team’s Shared-Feeling using the Licki Brushing Agile Game (SFLBAG)

An agile team’s Shared-Feeling, while not often talked about, is at the core of productive Agile teams. Agile teams with a Shared-Feeling have been proven to have stronger connections, faster cycle times, and less defects then their non-Shared-Feeling counterparts.

In this post, we will show you how to create a Shared-Feeling using the Shared-Feeling Licki Brushing Agile Game.

  1. Have your cross-discipline team sit on the floor forming a circle (high performing teams can sit cross legged).
  2. Ask each team member to turn their head so they are looking at the person immediately to their right.
  3. Ask each team member to tighten the circle as close as possible (being able to easily touch your team members face with your nose is a good indicator of the right level of closeness for this activity).
  4. Now using your LICKI Brush. LICKI brush the team member to your right for exactly 2 minutes (facilitators, you should time-box this to exactly 2 minutes). Pro-tip: High Performing teams can opt out of using the LICKI Brush.
  5. After 2 minutes, every team member sits quietly for 5 minutes (keeping the LICKI Brush in their mouth) while writing down one sticky note that describes how they felt while they were being LICKI brushed by their team member and one sticky note that describes how they felt while they were LICKI brushing their team member (facilitators, time-box this to 5 minutes).
  6. Each team member should then stand up one at a time, stick their sticky notes on the wall and take 30–60 seconds to discuss their sticky notes (facilitators, time-box this to 60 seconds).
  7. Team members should then group and theme similar stickies.
  8. The facilitator should ask the team to dot vote on the feeling-themes (3 votes per team member).
  9. The top feeling theme will become the team’s “shared-feeling”
  10. The shared feeling should be made visible in the team’s space and felt daily (hourly is encouraged).

Stay tuned for a follow up post where we unbox the Agile Team Shared Feeling using the Licki Circle Brushing Shared-Feelings-Retrospective.

The positive feedback on this Agile game has been overwhelming.

The Licki Circle Brushing Shared-Feelings-Retrospective has taken our Team’s Shared-Feeling to the next level (from 7th heaven to cloud 9). — Rigid Waterfall Labs.
The cat in this picture is representative of the team member to your right.

We would love to hear your experiences with this game and any variations you may have tried and the results.

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