Pomodoro Technique and its effectiveness



A technique invented by Francesco Cirillo in early 1980’s . In this technique a tomato like timer is used , you decide the time for which you can work continuously without distractions.

Once you set the timer and start working , you should be focused on your task. If some kind of distraction pops up into your mind you have to ignore it for you are working and trying to focus on a particular task, but to compare your effectiveness with or without pomodoro technique you are supposed to write the distractions that come up during the pomodoro.

When the timer ends, take 2–3 minutes to complete the tasks that distracted you while you were working, as a reward for completion of your important task.

Personally I tried this pomodoro technique and I am really stunned to see the difference between the quality of work, the time I saved and the satisfaction it brings. The feeling of being more productive. As a deadline is imposed all the time when you are working with this technique so the “Instant gratification monkey” of a procrastinator mind is afraid of the “panic monster”.