Nothing like music with its root deep in the folklore…

Being a fan of Coke Studio Pakistan chapter and specially after the great season last year, i was waiting for it eagerly. I must say that the first episode was disappointing keeping the high standards being achieved previously. But ,thankfully, it is back on track in the very next episode and with a bang. All four tracks are good but one track “Sammi main warr” is special.

Its a fusion of an old punjabi folk song with a new song. It is kept in mind to not to disturb the folklore in fact the new song’s lyrics are just an extension of the folk song and this creates such a beautiful melody and delightful lyrics that one can not refrain oneself from listening to it in repeat mode.

Lyrics are simple yet delivers as always in case of folk. In most simplest of ways one shows his/her affection and offer his/her love and live.
سمّی میری وار، میں واری
(سمّی اب میری باری ہے، میں واری جاؤں)
sammi meri waar main waari
Sammi, now it’s my turn; I declare my love and offer up my life

میں واری آں نی سمئیے
(میں جان قربان کرتی ہوں، او سمّی)
main waariyaan ni sammiye
I declare my love and offer up my life, O Sammi

Great composition and arrangements by String duo (Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia). Excellent vocals by Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Balouch. Overall a wonderful fusion of pop and folk music.