Tangerines — A war time story about humanity and brotherhood.

Tangerines is a simple story of people trying to hold to the normal life when everything around them is not.

In one of the scenes an old character Ivo replies “Cinema is a big Fraud” to a notion that truck explodes when fell off the hill in cinema. The scene is simple yet gripping one, where all three characters (Johan, Margus and Ivo) are trying to hide the truck but they don’t want to be seen.

Margus a simple man trying not to ruin/ left a corpse of Tangerines in the war zone. Ivo, the main character, is helping him out but in doing he is trying to find a normal life. Everyone else has either left or about to left (like in case of Johan, the doctor). Then there is Ahmed (Chechen mercenary on the Abkhazian side) and Niko (Mikheil Meskhi), a Georgian volunteer. Because of fire exchange both are badly wounded and Ivo is not taking care of both of them. Both lives in Ivo’s house with one condition where they won’t kill each other in his house and after some time both want to let each other go. An indication of the deep desire of Ivo where he wants things to move back to normal and for some time they do seems normal but for only a short time.

Every things changes when some passing Russian soldiers stop to inspect Ivo’s house and they falsely accuse Ahmed of being on the other side and decide to execute him on the spot. Niko sees this from the window and opens fire on the armed soldiers in order to protect Ahmed. During the gun fire exchange a stray bullet kills the innocent Margus, and Niko is also killed after he steps out of the house thinking all are dead but was killed by a wounded officer laying on the ground. Ahmed then finishes off the wounded officer. Ahmed and Ivo then buries Margus and Miko.

The movie shows us a desire of a normal person against the desire of waging war. Forgiveness versus ruthlessness. Humanity verses Incomprehension. Brotherhood and hatred are thrown together by the situation and we start questioning what is gained by fighting.

Acting is very good but special praise for Ivo (Lembit Ulfsak), Ahmed (Giorgi Nakashidze ) and Miko (Mikheil Meskhi ). So as the sound track. And one must appreciate the landscapes used in the backdrop of story.