Dear Black Mirror Enthusiasts

A note to the newborn BM Fandom

Dear Black Mirror Enthusiast,

I understand why you love this show. It’s mysterious, it’s dramatic, it’s horrifying. It leaves you bewildered at how mind-fucked you just were and you sit there in a pool of your own misery griping on how screwed up the world could be and how karma’s a bitch. You get on your laptop and writhe and rave about how amazing the show is (in 2016, even though it first aired in the UK in 2011 and then on Netflix in 2014) and then you binge watch all the episodes and bombard your friends about how much you wish the next season would come RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW.

But as much as I agree that this show is awesome, and as guilty as I am of pushing the series in the face of my friends regularly, I am sad that this sudden popularity and new catering to an American audience could debase the true essence of the show.

What is really great about Black Mirror, besides the torturous dramatics of great TV, is its potential to provide it’s audience with a new perspective of the future. It speculates what tomorrow could be based on how we behave today , and if we were to take the stories it proposes and mull over how we contribute to these potential futures it could truly affect the way we contribute to the work we do on a daily basis. Though Black Mirror prides itself in providing a rather dark perspective on what comes next, what it really asks you to think about is the humanistic aspect of technology. It asks us to consider the integration of tech innovation into our mundane daily activities and what it means when tech becomes a source of emotional consolation. Think about all the crazy stories that Black Mirror has proposed in a chilling collection of 13 Episodes. Strip away the characters’ tragic stories and focus on the technology: Recreating the memory of our lost ones, more seamlessly recording our daily lives, social media influence on radical political scandals, police interrogations etc. These are issues that we have discussed, contemplated, and contributed to from the past to the present, and ultimately the solutions that Black Mirror proposes aren’t so far fetched(which is why the show is so damn chilling).

I hope as the show continues to progress into its’ stardom, it doesn’t become dismissed as just cinematic tv. Watch it with a critical mind and maybe you’ll get something out of the show besides the shits.



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