Half awake was I
Under the canopy of night,
Placidly spread over the universe
And devoid of every decoration,
Even the melancholy;
When I saw the moon
Coming out of the thick layer of clouds
And the glittering rays struck
The broken plane of my mirror.
There I saw the reflection
Of a face- withered and disfigured;
Time had ploughed
Strenuous ravines on the cheeks
And the eyes were drowned
In the hollow brown sockets
Life's struggle mauled it beyond recognition.
Million questions were born 
In my petrified heart,
But my lips were locked 
By an agreement with the night-time-
Respect the stillness and break not the silence.
In the last moment of night,
When the moon outside was still smiling,
The reflection winked at me- sarcastically
And after a prolonged spell of blasphemy
I creaked in a broken voice- "God! it's me"
The agreement was over and so was the night.
© Badee Uz Zaman