What makes a good designer

So what makes a good designer? Of course, great talent and outstanding professional skills. But there is some more to be a good designer not only by your works but also by your attitude to your clients.

So how do the clients consider a good designer? Let’s have a look at some main features.

  1. Attention to details. Pay attention to all the details of the project: colors, sizes, writtings, shapes etc. If you are attentive, you can make the project as close to the client’s needs as it could be. Don’t be hurry in your attempts to make it faster. Let your work last a bit longer! But make it carefully fullfilling all the client’s demands.
  2. Listening. Listen carefully to your client. What does he/she wants, needs, waits, expects from you? Ask questions and don’t show you know better what kind of project it should be.
  3. Feeling the difference. When you are asked to remake something, feel the difference between what the project was and what it must be. Even if you think there is no difference! You may not see it but you have to feel it. Speak the same language as your client.
  4. Giving variants. Always give as many different variants of the project as you can do. Do not limit your imagination but in the frames of client’s expectations.
  5. Being modest. Guess it’s the most difficult for the designer to be modest. But when your client ask you to make a logo in green and orange colors, don’t show him/her a violet one just because you think it’s more live! Once again: listen to your client with attention and do as he/she wants. Show your vision of the project only when you are asked to!
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