“Furthermore, you are incorrect about what Obama did in 2011.
Andrew Endymion

Just curious, what “nonpartisan” media source would you suggest?

Bias is inherent in any perspective where a live human is involved. But, to conflate Vox and Salon with Breitbart is deep intellectual dishonesty. As a Trump apologist, I know you’re more likely to disregard any source you’ve deemed part of “MSM”, but maybe you can enlighten us with these neutral, perfect sources. I’m anxious to read them.

If you’d like more information from a more unbiased source re constitutionality of Trump’s EO, I’d suggest you read the opinion of the Federal judge in WA. Given he’s a GWB appointee who got confirmed 99–0, he may fit your purity test. Or not. You’ve got your mind made up. And while you’re at it, please post the constitutional challenge to Obama’s “similar” EO. I’m anxious to read it.

I’d also suggest that those that don’t use real names have something to hide and are, prima facie, suspect.

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