Snapchat IPO

I see a new Twitter coming. No vision at all. They all need some cash money, so what is the best solution? IPO!

An application that consume the Internet data, how do you think it will grow? WiFi is not available everywhere, and most time is not free. So, What the hell they are thinking about? I will give you solutions Snapchat:

  • Use audio voice notes. Let people share some audio. Introduce Snap Audio.
  • A dog filter will not help you at all. Check MSQRD. Acquired by Facebook, and it is coming soon to Instagram.
  • Use Hold and Add functionality. Let me introduce my friend to my followers.
  • Targeting young people will not help you. I am 30, and I do not use SnapChat to communicate. Why? Because there is no point of using SnapChat at all! Memories killed the App.
  • Your ads between accounts it is okay, but what about adding image snaps between snaps? Think about a billboard.
  • I will not use SnapChat to call a friend. I will use FaceTime to make a video call. Think again.

If you need cash, then no need for IPO. Use magic, and allow all people advertise in Snapchat. I am sorry but your options are limited to grow. See you later!