Join us as we conduct the Unity in the Body of Christ 2019 Study. You can learn more by visiting or simply skip to tell us what you think at

UBC 2019 Study will be published on November 13, 2019. Data collection phase for 2019 ends on October 31st.

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Is the BODY of CHRIST in Nigeria UNITED ?

Please tell us what you think at


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Please join us for a Discussion Dinner on saturday evening. Discussions will center around the “Unity in the Body of Christ 2019 Study”. (Details below)

Date: Saturday, 15th June, 2019
Time: 6pm — 8pm
Venue: Bade & Faith’s place in Yaba
(Reach out for Address)
Host: BADEsemowo Initiatives

Do let us know if you can make it for the dinner to enable us plan properly. Alternatively, you can also connect to the discussion session digitally.

We will be on Skype at:

We will be live on Instagram at:

BACKGROUND: UNITED [Church of Christ] is a project…

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I was led by the Holy Spirit to start this project. The objective is to improve the “Unity of the Spirit” in the Body of Christ.

Is it still a book?

When I was first inspired about this project. I honestly saw it as a book most likely because I had always wanted to write a book. Perhaps it will end up being a book. I however wonder how many people still read books.

Expected Impact?

If a billion people, or a million, or 100 or 10 or maybe 1 person is impacted positively by this work then God be…

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If you haven’t already, please read the United [Church of Christ] — Intro at before reading this piece highlighting the project background.

May 12, 2016–08:04


This is a collaborative book (or research paper, or long blog post, or online newsletter) being compiled by Bade based on insights he receives as regards, the Christian , the Church , Its Local Assemblies and Unity.

What is this? A bit of Background?

This is the notepad for a book I have been led to write.

Yes. It is something I have known I would write sometime in the future. I always…

Bade Adesemowo

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