UNITED [Church of Christ] — Pre-project, Background and Long Introduction

If you haven’t already, please read the United [Church of Christ] — Intro at http://www.badesemowo.com/united/intro before reading this piece highlighting the project background.

May 12, 2016–08:04


This is a collaborative book (or research paper, or long blog post, or online newsletter) being compiled by Bade based on insights he receives as regards, the Christian , the Church , Its Local Assemblies and Unity.

What is this? A bit of Background?

This is the notepad for a book I have been led to write.

Yes. It is something I have known I would write sometime in the future. I always thought it would be when I am retired or something or at least when I have read through the entire bible a second time.

The Holy Spirit had shown me some insights in Ephesians 4 which for me is the template of how/who/what the Church should be. We must have Unity of Spirit as Unity of Faith won’t be possible until Christ comes back. I understand Unity of Faith to be when every single Christian believes exactly the same things (from a doctrinal perspective)

Then this morning as I prayed, I got the instruction to start writing… but the twist is I will write as I get insight. I am writing publicly so others can collaborate and add their insights if they please. Hence, it will be a collaborative book or something of that nature.

I will compile all that is written into a hopefully compelling piece and potentially release the final book on or around November 13, 2017 or maybe even 2018. . November 13 because it is my birthday and I try to always do something special on my birthdays and 2017 because if I do 1 aspect (maybe chapter) per month, we will get to the finish line by then.

I am writing publicly so anyone else can use anything from here. It is open source. Only ensure to credit sources where possible.

The Title

The working title as at today is “United Church of Christ”. I wanted just a big bold “UNITED” but for some reason that came to me this morning. I know it will change over time. About 3 years ago when these thoughts first came to me, I am sure my working title had the word “community” in it. I have to go check my archives to dig this up. Yes, I have some pieces of the book from back then.

I am not sure about the name as it sounds like the name of a typical local assembly (Church) in Nigeria.

Random Thoughts ?

I would like the final book to be heavily based on actual research and study.

May be this is an actual research paper and not a book. Who knows?

It is simply content that people can read and be blessed by… that will compel a Christian to think about the CHURCH (aka body of Christ) in a different light.

I would like that the final book is not based on the idiosyncrasies of this Nigerian Christian alone. This is what I grew up with though. So maybe some of the concerns I have donot exist in other churches in other countries of the world. We will see!

Even if this reachesonly a few people in a little town in Nigeria, then Praise God all the same.

Will this be / make me World Famous? Nah! … For me, I got that locked down in Bincom and all the awesome products we will be launching. So this is more like my community service to my Church (read that as body of Christ and not the local assembly I belong to). As to the book project, I doubt its world popularityas it is not about Healing or Prosperity or Breakthroughs … those are the popular books around here.

I will correct myself as I get more insight. Remember the scripture says “precepts upon precepts, line upon line, … a little there, a little here”. So in the event you see something which does not sit quite well with you in these writings, do let me know.

|If you see grammatical errors in this, please ignore. It is most likely because my Faith (when you see it with a capital F, that’s my wife — love you baby ***wink***) has not had a chance to review that particular piece. I am better at Maths, she is better at Grammar.

Oh I also write with a lot of incomplete sentences and thoughts … . When you see “ … “, that’s my way of saying there is more in this thought trail … but I was typing too fast to complete it or it can be left unsaid or …

What I hope to Achieve / Project Mission

- In Ephesians 4, Paul spoke about two distinct types of Unity — Unity of Faith & Unity of the Spirit. Interestingly the one He says we should strive for is the Unity of the Spirit. I would like to explore what that means for the Church (body of Christ), perhaps take Ephesians chapter 4 verse by verse and then take it from there.

- To help each member of the body of Christ see themselves as a small piece of a LARGE Body,

- To help reduce the “POWER LOSS” that comes from the lack of Unity in the Body of Christ.

- To show that a person who has the gift of healing, does not take anything from the one that has the gift of teaching nor one that has the gift of prayer. The challenge comes when you have ministries/local assemblies that are EXCLUSIVE (of others) rather than “as a small part of a whole”. Unfortunately, the typical Christian (in my part of the world at least) does not understand this though it is seemingly obvious.

Is this Realistic?

Is this achievable? No! well not until Jesus returns!

But if Ephesians 4:3 says we should try to achieve this Unity, then that’s exactly what we will TRY to do.

So with this, Welcome to my first ever online collaborative book writing experience. (I don’t know if it is the first)

May 12, 2016 8:21am ( Editing took another 36minutes :-( )
Another edit with Faith on November 12, 2017 (yes, exactly 1 year and 6 months later)

What you can do now?

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