Seven reasons that ESPN is in big trouble

Here are a list of their major problems:

1) Cord cutting = less people watching ESPN.
2) Conventional Television is being overtaken by streaming on the Internet thus resulting in less people watching ESPN’s main cash cow in Sportscenter. SportsCenter starts and builds the sports universe that we vest our emotions into, and with less of that happening we become less interested in sports.
3) American football is slowly going to decline due to the violence of the sport. Parents will steer their children away from it over time thus resulting in those children having less of an affinity towards the sport. I don’t think this is hurting ESPN yet though. It will though. 
4) Twitter has given athletes and other sports blogs, websites a major voice. We don’t need to go to ESPN anymore to hear what the athletes are saying, and we don’t need to go watch Sportscenter to see highlights of our favorite teams games.
5) The best analysis of sports is no longer on ESPN. In the pre-Internet world, if we wanted to hear/watch analysis we’d almost have no choice but to have to turn on ESPN, but the Internet has changed that. 
6) I can watch whatever I want to whenever I want to. I can watch any film, TV Show, major sporting event and this wasn’t the case a few years ago. This means we channel surf less and end up watching less of channels like ESPN. 
7) We have so many different ways to spend our time this results in us being less sucked into the world of sports as much as we used to be.

The most telling sign that they are desperate is that they are writing articles and posting videos of professional wrestling on They would have laughed at this idea ten years ago.

Sport isn’t dying, it’s evolving. I might be wrong on this, but the youngest generations aren’t as into sports as the previous generations. We became so enamored with sports mainly due to television and the power it possessed pre-internet and that power is diminishing. I think Hollywood has the same issue with its biggest movie stars. We care less than we used to about these things.

The only constant in this world is change.

You can’t short ESPN stock, it’s a part of Disney and only a fraction of that business so I don’t recommend shorting Disney based upon what I’ve written.

Agree? Disagree?Thoughts please?

Best Wishes and Stay Pathologically Optimistic


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