An Unexpected Gift…

Just a quick post to say a public thank you to Tia at WhoAteMyCrayons. Not just for an unexpected present that arrived in the post yesterday, but also for being an awesome designer who I’m pleased to be able to work with on occasional projects and wholeheartedly recommend for others.

And also for her amazing efforts with Digital People in Peterborough.

But anyway, ignoring my terrible photography, here’s what I received…


Anything that helps me plan more effectively and become more organised is always appreciated. Especially when it’s personalised, as an extra incentive to use it.

Considering the common ‘January Blues’, and the fact that I’ve returned to work after Christmas both fired up to make lots of progress, and battling a cold, and it’s a very welcome boost to remind me to keep moving forwards. And to finally find a nice office space to be able to put it up in (and take better pictures…)

It’s lovely quality, looks great and makes me smile when I’m trying to sort my life out. And it turns out you can buy your own with free personalisation), from Tia’s store for just £12.95.

Giving More Thanks in 2017:

One thing I definitely plan to do in 2017 is give more thanks to the many, many people who have had an impact on my life and work. It’s something that’s easy to let slip, but it’s definitely going to be a big part of changing my habits in 2017. And I’m reminded that although a quick email or instant message is nice, doing something which involves a little more effort is even better.

Originally published at DanThornton.