The Fate of Hendrall 2

A Dungeons and Dragons Free-Form Solo Adventure

ACT 2.

The ray of the sun that peaks through the crack of the window forced Hendrall to wake up from a deep slumber. The wound on his shoulder felt and looked better as he walked out from his small cottage. Business as usual in the small village of Northfort. People tending to their crops. Animals being fed. And children still playing around the village square.

It was a tranquil morning when suddenly a ruckus occur in one of the houses across the village square. Hendrall walked his way to the commotion and noticed a face he have not seen before. Northfort is a tiny village in the Land of Rhandum, so he is quite familiar with all the faces that come and go in the village through the years. As he gets closer, two Half-orcs, an older female whom Hendrall is quite familiar with, and a younger female but well-built half-orc wearing a worn-out chain mail and a round shield hanging on her back with an emblem of a warrior insignia. He reckons she might be the one that he’s looking for since last night.

The moment Hendrall arrived at the scene, the youngin turned her back around and walked away from the older half-orc, Renfri who wears a long dark green robe like the ones the elves are wearing.

Renfri: “I hope you’re making the right choice, Hereva.”

Renfri closed the doors of her hut, as the young warrior, Hereva walked away from her aunt's home. The half-orc spotted the barbarian looking at her, half-smiling and fiddling an Eagle’s feather tied in a leather string around his waist.

Hereva: “Can I help you?!”
Hendrall: “Oh nothing. I was just wondering what is the matter between you and Renfri.”
Hereva: “ It’s none of your business, human. That was between me and my aunt Renfri.”

Hendrall took the torn papers out from his pocket as the half-orc studied the barbarian's every move. She began to grip the handle of her longsword tightly.

Hendrall: “ Of course! Your business is your own, indeed. But tell me… Do you recognize these torn papers?

Hereva’s eyes widen as she tried to grab the papers from Hendrall’s hand.

Hereva: “Where did you get that?!”
Hendrall: “You know where. But first, tell me your name and what were you doing in the swamps last night?”

The half-orc calmed down, loosen her grip on the longsword as she coughed to clear her throat.

Hereva: “My name’s Hereva. A clan-less warrior, now working as a mercenary. The paper that you are holding is a letter with instructions on how to get to a place full of riches. It is rumored that this hideout is heavily guarded.

Her face and the tone of her voice suddenly changed to sorrow.

Hereva: “Yet I threw it away because I can’t do it alone. I am not strong enough, you know? I tried to find someone to assist me in this mission, but no one wants to risk their lives for just a few pieces of coins.

Hendrall: “And do you know where this place is?”
Hereva: “Yes. That’s why I came back home here in Northfort after years of adventuring all over Rhandum. It’s in a cave near the swamps where you find that letter and my camp.

Again, Hereva coughed as she fixed the shield that’s hanging on her back. For a moment, Hendrall thought about what Hereva have said. He looked at the papers and then turned his attention towards the village square and the people around it. He looked back on Hereva and said:

Hendrall: “Well… You are not alone, now.”
Hereva: “Are you coming with me?!”
Hendrall: “It’s quite boring in Northfort during nighttime, anyway. And besides, I don’t feel like drinking tonight either.”

Hereva smiled, showing her young orc tusks, and shook the barbarian’s hand.

Hereva: “We will go tonight!”
Hendrall: “Indeed, we are. Come, let's get ready!”


End of Act 2

Source: The Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox by Paul Bimler and Tom Scutt’s DM yourself

To be continued…




Accounts and stories of the characters I created during my Tabletop Rpg games. Games:Four Against Darkness, Dungeons and Dragons solo adventures and more!

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The Bad Grammar Dungeon Stories

The Bad Grammar Dungeon Stories

Accounts and stories of the characters I created during my Tabletop Rpg games. Games:Four Against Darkness, Dungeons and Dragons solo adventures and more!

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