What you are doing at Badi

I coordinate the customer support team, making sure that we provide fast, accurate and reliable support to all our users.

Working at Badi is an enriching experience full of challenges and learnings. In the past 2 ½ years I have worked within different departments. From being part of the UK…

Engineering your start-up for success in lockdown — and beyond

The ‘new normal’ is now ubiquitous with the changing world that we live and work in. Many start-ups in particular have experienced significant challenges.

Economic uncertainty has caused some investors to be more cautious, which has meant some start-ups found…

CX team

My adventure as a Head of Customer Experience at Badi started back in April 2018.

The opportunity to join this thrilling project came together with the exciting and challenging task of building a team from scratch, which meant hiring and training employees, selecting the software to use, and establishing performance metrics. All of it among many other tasks that I was doing for the very…


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