Battle “Break the Siege of Aleppo”

The following brief report details evidence of the involvement of all the anti-Assad regime factions featured in the Battle “Break the Siege of Aleppo” infographic above: I will provide at least one image, and at least one piece of video footage [where possible]. Also known as ملحمة حلب الكبرى [The Great Epic of Aleppo], the two main coalitions involved are Fatah Halab and Jaysh al-Fateh, however other Syrian revolutionary and Jihadist factions are also active. It is also important to keep in mind that other factions that have not released media of their involvement in the battle thus far have a high likelyhood of being active on the ground, such as Harakat Bayan who were last seen in combat in Khalidiya District on July 21.

An image that appeared on Twitter directly prior to the battle featuring the Jaysh al-Fatah logo and Fatah Halab logo, along with the #الغضب_لحلب [#Anger_for_Aleppo] hashtag
Another image that appeared on Twitter directly prior to the battle featuring the Jaysh al-Fatah logo and Fatah Halab logo, along with the #الغضب_لحلب [#Anger_for_Aleppo] hashtag
An official FSA Army of Victory image that was posted on their Twitter account as the battle opened featuring the Army of Victory logo and the Fatah Halab logo along with the #الغضب_لحلب [#Anger_for_Aleppo] hashtag

Fatah Halab Military Operations

1st Regiment

16th Infantry Division

FSA 16th Infantry Division have been inactive on both Twitter and YouTube since July 25 [6 days before the battle began]. This is a result of losses during a regime and associated foreign militia attempted advance on Bani Zaid in the Northern sector of Aleppo City, during which the 2nd ever loss of a TOW ATGM launcher to regime forces occurred — an extremely serious matter. Amid rumors the faction is reorganizing, I have included them despite no footage of them in combat emerging, as this well established FSA group has not officially disbanded and seems unlikely to do so considering its lineage and importance as a TOW recipient.

A joint statement posted by the Twitter account of FSA Mountain Hawks Brigade confirmed 16th Infantry Division’s involvement in the Battle on 2016–08–10

101st Infantry Division

FSA 101st Infantry manufacturing rockets in an engineering workshop for the Battle to Break the Siege of Aleppo

Army of Liberation

Army of Victory

Authenticity & Development Front

Central Division

Division 13

Fastaqem Union

Al Fatah Brigade

Harakat Bayan

Hourya Brigade

YouTube video of a speech by a Hourya Brigade member on the day the battle began:

Jaysh al-Islam

Kataib Thuwar al-Sham

Levant Front

Mountain Hawks Brigade

Mujahdeen Army

Muntasır Billah Tugayı

Northern Division

Nour Al Dein Al Zenkey

Nour Al Dein Al Zenkey repelling an attempted Liwa al-Quds pro-regime Palestinian militia advance on Handarat front during the battle to Break the Siege of Aleppo

Al-Safwah Islamic Battalions

Sham Legion

Sultan Mohamed Fatih Brigade

Sultan Murad Division

Southern Syrian Revolutionary expeditionary forces

Jabhat Ansar al-Islam

Sham Liberation Army

Sham Liberation Army — a Rif Dimashq based FSA faction — footage from the battle in Aleppo

Jaysh al-Fatah

Ahrar al-Sham

Ajnad al-Sham

Jabhat Fateh al-Sham

Katibat al-Tawhid wal-Jihad

Liwa al-Haqq

Sunna Army

Turkistan Islamic Party

Jabhat Ansar al-Din

Harakat Fajr al-Sham al-Islamiya

Autonomous Jihadi factions

Ansar al-Islam

Imam Bukhari Battalion

Saraya al-Murabiteen