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Darkest Place

A Poem

The sun is rising with the pain

The night brings me in vain

But I still get to breath my name

In the same old darkest place

Under the tree my shadow awaits

To join me when I leave these faces

But I act just the same

In the same old darkest place.

The words repeat like a broken record

I’m going insane trying to be perfect

Trying to be funny and not be a bored

But the demons are in my pocket

They’re yelling out the truth

Ignorance still doesn’t make it perfect

But it just makes me look like a fool

The demons are still in my pocket.

It could have been him

And it could have been her

That becomes this haunted thing

That’s standing over there

All this same spirits

Are bringing me in tears

I’m bleeding my feelings

They don’t know I’m in fear

Voices in my head driving me crazy

Rock noises in my ear making me hazy

In the same old darkest place.

I wake up in the morning and it’s all just a dream

A dream so quiet I’m silently bleeding

I wake up in the morning and see the scars

Physically on my hand and emotionally in my heart

A cut so thin makes me want to be thin

A fight, struggle, nightmare, and pain that’s kept within.

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