A quick question about followers for a Medium publication

Is there any way I can find out who they are?

I recently created my first publication on Medium. Through a provident stroke of good fortune (ok, maybe they just liked my publication), I ended up with four followers.

But I can’t make out who they are.

I can’t click on the number or anything, and I can’t find any place in the Settings, Stats or About page which gives me the list of followers. (I do seem to remember a follower list once, somewhere, but I may be mistaken).

Is there a way for a publication to see its followers? Or perhaps its not supported for privacy reasons or something? Was the feature there but removed later?

I’m posting this here because I tried searching for answers and couldn’t find any. So if someone else has the same questions at some point, they’ll be able to read the answers here. Your Friends @ Medium, can you help?