I’ve been using KeePass for several years; it’s free, very logically designed and one can even…
Les Whitenaugh

That’s a great point. When we constantly worry about not letting others access our data, we often find that we can’t access it ourselves. Although it’s good to be aware of all the possibilities, so you can decide for yourself how much security you want (and are willing to put up with).

VISA card details going the old-fashioned way? Yes, some systems are so sophisticated on the software side that people find it much easier to target the humans. I read a news-report once of a scam run from call-centres in India. The scammers would phone up American citizens, posing as the Income Tax department, saying there was a discrepancy in their accounts, and trick them into sending ‘tax’ to the scammers’ bank-accounts. No password-hacking there, just plain old “give me the money”.

I don’t have much valuable data online that I’d be scared of losing, partly because I’ve backed up my important stuff in multiple locations. Backups are always a good idea, specially if you use a sophisticated authentication system that goes wrong and locks you out along with the rest of the world.

I wonder if squirrels keep a backup stash of nuts somewhere? Hmm…that would be a good idea, too.

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