Gentrification and Ghost Towns
Emma Lindsay

Not sure you can put the effects of globalization down to either party. Not sure any government can reverse the effects of technology or global markets — surely not now, and maybe not in the past either. Not sure it matters if anyone “learns how to listen” to working-class white voters or whether they do, in fact, vote in their (our? I’m pretty working-class) best self-interest. I am pretty sure that no one from either party, or any idealistic third party, for that matter, is going to make America great again in the sense of making it just like a fantasized-about, but fictional version of the 50’s when you could be an idiot, work 40 hours/week for the same company your whole life and still live larger than anyone outside of “America”, just ’cause. And I’m pretty sure that anyone who felt that WAS their (privileged) lot in life, but now feels like it WON’T be ever again, is going to be unhappy, unpleasant, and looking for someone to bash about it, people being what they are. Electing Trump is not the problem — it’s a symptom of the problem and I’m not sure any politician can possibly solve that problem. No empire is perpetual.

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