Monster Hunter World is definitely the best RPG game.

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Hi. I’m 바둑이사이트. I brought you an article about the game today. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Monster Hunter World” is Capcom’s flagship action game series that becomes a hunter and hunts giant monsters. The “Monster Hunter” series has undergone a number of changes since its first launch in 2004, but one of the changes users most wanted was graphics. In the middle of the series, performance was greatly limited by focusing on portable game consoles after a single improvement in graphics at [Monster Hunter Tri]. Instead of maintaining the quality of the monster’s graphics, the company chose to lower the quality of the background. However, as this form continues for a long time, many users have hoped to paint a real ecosystem in a good environment and are finally living up to expectations as they reach “Monster Hunter World.”

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As the graphics improved, there was certainly plenty to see. I would like to praise the vividness of monsters, especially their vivid textures. The damp leather’s unpleasant feeling and the hardness of the sharp-edged scales can be easily seen with the eyes, so that monsters can be accepted as living creatures, and functionally, it is easy to notice the monster’s change. I think this is the most differentiated part from the previous work.

The know-how of the production crew, with years of experience, shines even more in Monster and Hunter’s motion. The movements tailored to the individuality of each monster, especially those that have saved the skeleton of a monster, those that fly in the air and those that run on the ground, and those that dig in the ground. And I think many hunters must have felt overwhelmed by the lively movement of attack to the point where they think, “If these monsters exist, wouldn’t they really move?”

[Photo=Monster Hunter World Official Website]

In this work, something completely new has been added that has not been experienced in the previous series. It’s called a power struggle. While the previous “Monster Hunter” could literally only see the confrontation between Hunter and Monster, this time it’s so fun that you can appreciate the monster versus monster and cheer for other monsters that sometimes hit the target monster. What’s more surprising is that it’s not just about fighting. Because they damage each other in a monster-to-monster fight, it will be a great help in combat and you will probably wait for a power struggle if you play a game. Also, since power struggles do not show the same results in the same situation every time, let’s stop worrying about whether the same scene will be repeated and boring. It will always be a series of scenes full of variables.

Although it is true that this series shows a good overall performance, there are quite a few differences in likes and dislikes compared to the previous series. One of the most representative of them is the striking production, in which less motion is stopped to express rigidity than in previous series. Of course, strong attacks on weaknesses in this work will give you as much impact as before, but overall, rigid production time has been shortened. Instead, all the offensive moves will be smooth, and the response will likely vary depending on the player’s taste. In addition, previous series have actively used the blood spewing of the monster’s attack, and in this “Game” there are pros and cons of not having such a production. Finally, the number of character customization options has increased more than before. However, his expression is often awkward compared to his efforts, and it is also quite regrettable that customization is not elaborated during the game play, no matter how hard he tried to customize it. On the other hand, Iru Customizing, first introduced at “Monster Hunter World,” is satisfactory in that it can take a variety of fur patterns. What a good option it is to be able to express your partner in a cuter way.

To begin with, “Monster Hunter” is a fairly well-made RPG game. I would like to applaud the fact that I used the strengths of my previous work as much as possible to win the hearts of enthusiasts and that I have lowered the entry barrier significantly to facilitate the influx of new users.


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