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Hi! I’m going to write about “Teamfight Tactics” soon before season 4.

The Teamfight Tactics is the most popular AutoBattler game.

Let me explain three typical characteristics of ‘Auto Battler’ here.

1. It is conducted in the form of Sudden Death, and if you exhaust your entire life, you will lose. The player who remains until the end becomes the winner.

2. Players can purchase units and combine and strengthen the same units when purchasing multiple units.

3. The battle takes place on a fixed plate, the player can only determine the unit’s layout and the battle is automatic.

If the above elements are applied, the game can be called AutoBattler.

When it was first released as a PC, it was very popular, but due to the nature of the game genre, people tend to rely on luck and get tired of it easily, so its popularity gradually faded. However, a fully compatible mobile version of the PC has emerged and become popular again. Because of that, I already came out to season 4 and many people enjoyed this game. In Korea, there is a similar game called 바둑이사이트, so if you’re curious, try reading it through the link.

And then I’ll give you an overview of the TFT’s system.

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The TFT plays the game according to the set stage. One stage has three rounds and the rest six rounds each, each divided into a PVE round for catching monsters, a PVP round for fighting with other players and a joint choice for getting items. The PVE and PVP are further divided into preparatory and combat phases.

The preparation phase is given 30 seconds and the champion can be placed in a duel or stand-by. At the battle stage, the deployed champions automatically proceed with the battle. Buying/selling champions, fitting items, gaining experience, or level-up are also possible at the battle stage. Champion sales are not possible in the joint selection round.

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joint selection

It’s also a phase that’s often called “rotational sushi” among users.

Maybe it’s because of the way he picks up the champion.

Eight players gather on the island in the middle to receive the champion equipped with items. In games, it is displayed as ‘simultaneous selection’.

The first game starts from the joint selection stage. At this time, the player’s control is more important than ever because all players select items at the same time.

Subsequently, they will be handed over at the end of each stage’s third round. At this time, players with less stamina will be chosen first.

Interest can also be received at this stage, and since selling champions is impossible, it is better to arrange them properly before the third round is over.

I don’t know if it’s because of the way he’s picking up the

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A round that fights artificial intelligence units, not players. He will fight in his own duel in all three rounds of the first stage and in every six rounds of the rest of the stage.

There are two cells in 1–1 and three cells in 1–2. 1–3 shows two cells and one Kane.

Earth-destructor in 2–6, infiltrator in 3–6, light beak in 4–6, Kane in 5–6, and canyon messenger in 6–6. After the 7th stage, Kane or the messenger alternates and the stage repeats.

Every monster drops a riddle box with a certain probability, and if he acquires it, he can get an item or a champion. In the case of Kane and the canyon messenger, it is equipped with a certain item to receive its effect, and the item must be obtained. It also drops the gold in between.

The above format will continue even after the season changes, but the monster’s design changes as the season changes. I want you to read it while referring to this part.

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The stage of fighting with another player. The portal opens and goes directly to another player’s duel, or another player comes to my duel and fights. Who will fight will be random. However, unless you have a shortage of players, you don’t get to fight again immediately with a player who fights once again.

At first, there are eight players, so each of them will fight in pairs, but if the total number of players is odd due to the dropout, the other one will fight against the replication combination of the other player. If you knock down a clone, you can’t hurt the player who was the original, and if you’re defeated by the clone, you’ll suffer damage.

If the battle begins and the game is not played even after 40 seconds, the team will enter the URF time. In 15 seconds, the attack speed of all champions will increase to 300% and 200% capacity, decrease crowd control duration by 66% and decrease healing/shielding by 66%. If there is no match here, it will be a draw and each will suffer as much damage as the number of champions who survived. All consecutive wins/losses are lost.

When all players’ battles are over, they move on to the next round.


Now, that’s the end of the TFT’s explanation of the system, if you understood the above, you’d have no problem playing the game. I’m going to tell you about the evaluation of the game, and it’s going to contain a lot of subjective thoughts, so try to listen carefully.

I think the biggest problem is ‘unstoppable synergy through skin’.

This problem started from season 2, and Season 1 naturally melted into TFT by taking the characteristics of the original champion properly, but Season 2 used skins to match the champion with the concept of element, which caused great disappointment to those who liked the original story. For example, in the case of Aatrox, they had a convincing character of devil/prosecution in season 1, but in season 2, they wore the Aatrox skin of justice and completely contrasted with the original light/prosecution. Therefore, both users and new users who were in season 1 can only be embarrassed. Also, the skins made it difficult to distinguish the champion at a glance, especially because the Varus, Kindred, Zyra, and Diana, all of whom were of the same color, making mistakes while playing games.

Season 3 was similar to season 2, but based on popular skins, synergies and champions were considered to have melted well, so it was easy to see that they were in the same line because they released the same theme of skins. The number of users was much higher and public opinion was good than it was in season 2 when I thought there was no foundation due to the forced synergy. I think it’s a much better synergy than season 2. Thanks to this, I thought it was a good game company that actively accepts feedback from users.

The upcoming season 4 will consist of skins of the same theme as season 3, but like season 2, they have chosen to mix skins and champions of different series. Of course, there were several different-themed skins mixed in season 3, but it was quite natural, but this time, there are a few items that are not as good as season 2, but why are they in the same line? I honestly think it’s far-fetched to call ash with two wooden skins applied with a western-feeling high-eyel skin.

As an additional problem, ‘Tablet not supported’ This problem is a little serious. It’s a big problem that it’s a game that’s fully compatible with mobile and PC, but it doesn’t support tablets. Of course, I think it’s amazing to play back and forth between cell phones and PCs. It was a fresh shock to me just like when I first played the game ‘Hearthstone’. However, games are not supported on iPad and Android tablets. Users who want to play mobile with a bigger screen would be very disappointed. I’m going to wait for this part to improve someday. I believe in Riot Games, which accepts feedback from users well.

Lastly, when mobile TFT is released, let’s finish by listening to the advertisement music that made many users excited. It’s the music of the Korean server, and it’s a song that makes many users excited, so you can enjoy it even if the language is different.

Thanks for reading my long story. I’ll be back with a better game article next time. Bye.


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