Valorant. Defy The Limits

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Hi. I’m back again today. The game I’m going to introduce today is Valorant, a first-person shooting game (FPS) developed by Riot Games for the first time in the style of Counter Strike. It’s an experimental game that maintains the sense of military FPS while introducing a skill system.

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Valorant’s genre is introduced as Tactical FPS. However, most users point out that the genre cannot be viewed as a Tactical FPS. This is because Valorant has skills that are far from realistic, such as hill, flight, and revival, and has a different style of play than games classified as Tactical FPS in the current generation. In particular, older users of the counter strike series, which has a similar play style to Valorant, are more resistant to the skill, but overwatch fans who are familiar with the skill are more important than the skill to enjoy the game, making it difficult to adapt easily.

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VALORANT basically added agents with different capabilities, such as Overwatch, to the same system as CS:GO. Unlike Overwatch, however, most of the skills are focused on helping to catch enemies, and the skills alone are very difficult to catch. In addition, while all the agents are unified to 100, the level of firearm damage is quite high, so the engagement is quite short. In addition, healing skills have only a few agents, and Seiji’s recovery beads are the only skills to heal allies. Because of the above features, VALORANT is one of the so-called “game that I can carry on my own if I shoot well.” There is no big problem in fighting without using any skills, and most of the skills are useless in capturing enemies in front of you immediately, such as showing the positions of enemies in pieces or putting smoke screens. It is quite different from Overwatch, where the connection between the ultimate and the skill is important. For this reason, users who are looking forward to playing games like Overwatch can’t adapt and end the game.

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Despite the above reasons, the streamers who were able to play the game themselves are popular. In particular, it has been very popular in the field of FPS games and e-sports for a very long time, but you can see that it is well-received by those who want CS:GO’s replacement for more than seven years.

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According to the famous streamer sYnceDez, “the majority of people swear without even trying.” I watched it only on YouTube, and I read about people who gave negative reviews. In addition, many professional gamers and streamers are receiving positive reviews.

But not all of them have positive reviews. In the Alpha version play video, which has been uploaded since the trailer was uploaded, negative public comments are popular, and mockery comments of nuance that only elements of other games have been picked are gaining much support.

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The above-mentioned content is far before its release. After its launch, both metacritic and open-critic scored an average critic score of early 80 points, which is considered to be easy for online games, but lacks depth and individuality.

But my thoughts are a little different. VALORANT was just forced to feel like a new CS:OG. Especially before the release of this work, many users felt like they just combined popular games after watching VALORANT. There was no unusual change. As everyone expected, VALORANT was just like this.

Graphics that can’t be believed to be a game from 2020. Too high an entry barrier. It’s a game that has too many things to improve. He should have paid more attention as a follow-up to the League of Legends. It’s nothing more than harming the previous work.

That’s all I’m saying. If you have any other opinions than me, please reply in the comments.

Thank you for reading me a long article. I’ll be back with better writing next time.

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