Wishing you a Roboticists Christmas!

This Chrismas may your path be collision free.

May your decisions be tree shaped, and be Gaussian in their leaves.

May your priors converge and your packets never freeze.

This Christmas may your calibration be stable.

May your motors run freely, and your encoders record the truth.

May your lasers shine through the dark and may your grippers not lose a tooth.

For those operating robots in remote places, Thank You!

Be it in the outback or the deep sea, may you soon be reunited with your home crew.

Merry Christmas!

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TV made me Into an engineer.

As a kid I loved star trek, I thought that Chief Engineer Geordie LaForge was the best! Over the last few weeks I’ve interview 10 early career roboticists, and they each had a similar story. Sometimes it was a robot documentary, or perhaps a robot cartoon.

Each person could vividly remember a show that set them on this path.

But what about mid career people?

Are you a mid career person who switched into robotics?

Why did you do it? Was it TV? Or was it something else in your life that made you want to change?

I’d love to hear from you!

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