The German Obsession With Spelling
Rebecca Schuman

Fellow German reader here and so far I really enjoy your running series about us Krauts. I cracked up several times after reading your pronunciation helps for German words, I don’t know if that’s intentional but they appear hilarious and frantic to me. And yes sometimes we really are a bit obnoxious with our language and spelling(but not as much as the French!) but let me tell you something, you are doing fine. Things change once you reach at least an bilingual level and we are perfectly fine with respecting that. I’m constantly mixing up things between languages as well^^. Oh and don’t give so much credit to Duden, they are on the one hand trying to preserve the right German language but they also pervert it by germanizing perfectly fine, established words from other languages. Let me give you some examples, the following spellings are now deemed correct by Duden: Nugat instead of Nougat, Ketschup instead of Ketchup, Portmonee instead of Portemonnaie and Majonäse instead of Mayonnaise. Outrageous!

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